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Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Addresses Best Diplomats Turkey 2022 Conference

During the Best Diplomats Turkey 2022 Conference LEE empowered the youth that “Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders,” must actively participate in the decision-making processes that influence their communities and countries. We can use the youth’s new perspectives, inventive ideas, and endless energy to successfully address critical difficulties by giving them decision-making power.

The youth are the greatest drivers of nation-building in the quickly changing world of today. They are great assets in bringing about constructive change in a variety of areas thanks to their optimism, devotion, and adaptability. Students have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to promote change and encourage group action, whether it be in the areas of combating climate change, advancing social justice, or using technology for a greater cause. 

The world faces a wide range of multifaceted problems, including political instability, economic inequality, and degradation of the environment. The world needs the initiative and optimism of young people to overcome these obstacles and leave a lasting impression. Young people bring new ideas and have no fear to question the established quo, which is crucial for developing creative solutions to persistent challenges. Best Diplomats produce a generation of leaders who can promote sustainable growth, tranquillity, and prosperity for all by making investments in youth empowerment initiatives, education, and skill development.

Oleksandra Mamchii

Working as a academic lead at Best Diplomats.

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