Top 10 Famous Beaches of Pakistan

Pakistan is a geographical nation blessed with a varied topography of around 1,000 kilometers, including an Arabian Sea border. Although its beaches are sometimes disregarded in favor of more well-known locations, they provide a distinctive and captivating experience. Near Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, the richness and beauty of Pakistan‘s beaches emphasize their importance to the country’s culture and environment.

List of 10 Popular Beaches in Pakistan

  1. Clifton Beach
  2. French Beach
  3. Hawke’s Bay Beach
  4. Sandspit Beach
  5. Manora Beach
  6. Jiwani Beach
  7. Ormara Beach
  8. Astola Island (Island Beach)
  9. Kund Malir Beach
  10. Gwadar Beach

1. Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach also known as Sea View is a pleasing and very popular place in Karachi that attracts many ocean lovers. The beach is quite long, around 2.5 kilometers. People love to go there to enjoy the beautiful views, especially during sunrise and sunset. Families like it because you can do fun things like riding horses and camels or having a picnic on the beach. The area around the beach is also lively with street food and things to do. Clifton Beach is easy to get to, and it has landmarks like the Clifton Bridge is a famous spot for people in Karachi who want to relax and have a good time by the sea. 

At Clifton Beach, sometimes the water is not too deep, which is good for families with kids. When the tide comes in, it gets deeper, and people can swim or do water activities.

Beachgoers must remain aware of the changing water conditions and take necessary precautions, such as swimming near a lifeguard station or wearing a life jacket when engaging in water activities. In 2003, old places like Lady Lloyd Pier and Jehangir Kothari Pavilion were getting worse because the government wasn’t taking care of them. Now, they’re trying to make the area better by opening Clifton Beach Park, using special bins, and planting trees.

Moreover, visitors need to be aware of any potential hazards, such as strong currents or underwater obstacles, which can pose risks to their safety. Following any safety guidelines and advisories provided by local authorities or beach management is always a good idea.

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2. French Beach

Next on the list is French Beach situated between Hawaks Bay and Paradise Point in Balochistan which is a province of Pakistan is a charming location and famous for fishing drawing global tourists. Its unspoiled waters and sandy shores create a tranquil setting for visitors to unwind and appreciate nature’s beauty. Extending around 2.5 kilometers along the Arabian Sea coast. French Beach provides ample space for diverse activities like swimming, sunbathing, and beach volleyball.

The water depth at French Beach varies with tides and locations. Generally shallow, it offers a safe environment for swimming and wading. Certain areas present increased depth, providing a challenge for skilled swimmers. The beach’s captivating beauty arises from its geological and ecological features, surrounded by majestic cliffs and adorned with a distinctive mix of white and black sand.

Beyond its scenic charm, French Beach hosts a variety of plant and animal life, fostering a rich ecosystem with birds, reptiles, and marine species. 

The government in Pakistan tries to keep French Beach clean and tells people how to be responsible tourists, especially when there are a lot of visitors. They do things like cleaning up regularly and teaching visitors about taking care of the beach. For the latest updates on what the government is doing to keep French Beach nice and to remind people to be careful, it’s best to check with local authorities or official sources.

3. Hawke’s Bay Beach

Hawke’s Bay Beach in Pakistan is a gorgeous natural spot that is 20 kilometers southwest of Karachi and is indeed a top-notch choice for a picnic, complemented by its status as a crucial breeding ground for rare reptiles. It gives visitors a unique experience. With its clear waters, golden sands, and peaceful vibe, it holds a unique significance as one of the world’s few beaches where green turtles lay their eggs, contributing to the conservation of this endangered species. Stretching around 200 meters along the coast, Hawke’s Bay Beach provides plenty of space for people to chill out and enjoy the beautiful views. The golden sands are perfect for sunbathing and beach activities. The gradual slope of the beach makes it safe for swimming, and the clear waters are refreshing for a dip.

The water depth at Hawke’s Bay Beach changes with the tide and weather. During low tide, it’s shallow, great for kids and those who like calm waters. As the tide comes in, the depth increases, giving a more exciting experience for adventurous swimmers and water sports fans.

4. Sandspit Beach

Sandspit Beach, located in Pakistan, is a beautiful and unique beach that attracts tourists from all around the world. Sandspit Beach is a vast coastal haven of approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), providing ample room for tourists to indulge in various activities. From sunbathing and swimming to engaging in lively beach sports, the expansive sandy stretch caters to diverse preferences. Beyond its sheer length, the beach offers a captivating assortment of landscapes and seascapes for visitors to discover.

The water depth at Sandspit Beach exhibits variation along the coastline. Certain areas boast shallow waters, making them perfect for families with young children seeking a safe aquatic playground. In contrast, other segments feature deeper waters, creating an ideal environment for more adventurous endeavors like snorkeling and scuba diving. This diversity in water depths not only facilitates thrilling activities but also fosters a unique habitat for a rich variety of marine life.

The formation of Sandspit Beach is a product of natural geological processes influenced by factors such as sedimentation, erosion, and coastal dynamics.

5. Manora Beach

Manora Beach also known as Manoro, is located south of the Karachi port in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is connected to the mainland by a 12-kilometer bridge called Sandspit. This area, along with its neighboring islands, serves as a protective barrier between the Karachi port in the north and the Arabian Sea in the south. 

Manora Beach is perfect for exploring and enjoying nature. The shallow waters make it safe and enjoyable for families with kids or anyone who likes wading.

One of the main attractions is the old Manora Fort, built during colonial times. It sits on a small island, connected by a narrow strip of land, providing amazing views of Karachi and the Arabian Sea. There’s also a working lighthouse from 1891 within the fort.

Nature lovers can spot various birds like Plovers, Terns, and Gulls, along with local species. The waters are home to dolphins and colorful fish, adding to the beach’s charm.

Visitors can enjoy activities like fishing, boating, and picnicking. Manora Beach is well-kept, ensuring clean and convenient facilities for everyone to have a pleasant visit.

6. Jiwani Beach

Jiwani Beach is famous for its ties to the British Army, which built a Victorian cottage and an airfield during World War II. The view at Jiwani Beach is stunning, making it a favorite spot for Pakistani tourists and photographers.

Located between Gwadar and Chabahar at the eastern end of Gwadar Bay, Jiwani is surrounded by a large mangrove forest that stretches beyond borders. This forest is essential for wildlife, especially endangered green and Ridley sea turtles. Jiwani Beach is also known for its beautiful sunsets and marks the last part of the coastal road in Pakistan that leads to the Iranian border.

The beach has a rich history with British military structures and is now a picturesque destination. People come here not only for the historical sites but also for the breathtaking natural beauty. The mangrove forest is vital for the environment, providing a home for diverse wildlife. Jiwani Beach stands out as a unique and serene location, offering both history and natural wonders along the Pakistani coastline.

7. Ormara Beach

Ormara Beach found along the Makran Coastal Road, has an interesting history, with stories suggesting a visit from Alexander the Great. Its charm comes from its quiet and peaceful location, making it a great spot for biking and hiking. Keep in mind that there might be issues with phone signals in some areas, so it’s a good idea to have local guides with you.

Ormara Beach also serves as a naval base and is strategically located on the Makran Coast Highway, about 240 kilometers from Karachi. The journey there takes around 5 hours by road. The beach gets its name “Omara” from where one of Alexander the Great’s generals, Hormuz, met his end.

Apart from its historical background, Ormara Beach offers a stunning view, and you can even see various aircraft carriers from the shore. Known for its natural beauty, Ormara Beach is considered one of the best beaches in the country, making it a top choice for those who enjoy history and beautiful scenery.

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8. Astola Island (Island Beach)

Astola Island, also known as Jazira Haft Talar, is a hidden gem off the coast of Pakistan, situated in the Arabian Sea. This uninhabited island is known for its pristine beauty and unique ecosystems. The island’s sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters attract adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. It is situated in the Arabian Sea, approximately 25 kilometers southeast of Pasni in Balochistan, Pakistan. Astola Island has a length of about 6.7 kilometers (4.2 miles) and a width of around 2.3 kilometers (1.4 miles).

Astola Island serves as a haven for marine life, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. With its diverse flora and fauna, including various bird species, the island provides a peaceful retreat for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of mainland life.

9. Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir Beach located along the Makran Coastal Highway captures the essence of natural beauty. The golden sands and turquoise waters make Kund Malir a picturesque destination for beach lovers. While precise measurements may vary due to natural changes and local conditions, Kund Malir Beach is generally considered to have a significant length of approximately 14 kilometers (8.7 miles).

Travelers passing through the coastal highway often stop at Kund Malir to witness the stunning landscapes covered with hills and enjoy a tranquil break. The calm and inviting waters offer a refreshing experience, making it an ideal place for a relaxing day by the sea.

People love to go there to enjoy the peaceful and pretty surroundings, making it one of the most well-known and untouched beaches in the country.

10. Gwadar Beach

Gwadar Beach is a multifaceted destination in Pakistan known for its economic significance, charming beauty, and cultural richness. The beach provides a captivating view of large ships and vessels docked at the port, contributing to the city’s role in global trade. Gwadar Beach holds strategic importance as it is part of the port city of Gwadar, a key economic and development hub known for the Gwadar Port. The beach attracts tourists and investors alike, contributing to the region’s significance in trade and tourism.

While exact measurements may vary due to natural changes and local conditions, Gwadar Beach is generally recognized as having a substantial length of approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). Gwadar Beach has become a popular spot for both locals and tourists, offering a long stretch of clean red sand for families to relax and enjoy quality time together. Its strategic location on the Arabian Sea makes it an integral part of Pakistan’s coastal charm, attracting visitors with its unique blend of natural and cultural attractions.


Pakistan has amazing beaches that offer peaceful experiences. From the lively Gwadar to the peaceful Astola Island, these beaches show the beauty of nature and the country’s culture. Whether you want to relax or have an adventure, the beaches of Pakistan have something special for everyone.


What Are the Names of the Beaches in Pakistan?

Some of the notable beaches in Pakistan include Clifton Beach, French Beach, Hawke’s Bay Beach, Sandspit Beach, Manora Beach, Jiwani Beach, Ormara Beach, Astola Island, Kund Malir Beach, and Gwadar Beach.

Which Sea is Famous in Pakistan?

The Arabian Sea is a sea famous in Pakistan. It is located to the south of the country, along the coastline of provinces such as Sindh and Balochistan.

How Many Seas Are in Pakistan?

Pakistan has one sea along its coastline, which is the Arabian Sea.

What is Karachi Beach Called?

Karachi has several beaches, and one of the most well-known is Clifton Beach, also commonly referred to as Sea View.

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