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At Best Diplomats, We Contribute 1% of Our Revenue to Carbon Removal

It is essential to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere to stop the hazardous effects of climate change, but present technology in the modern world is not sufficient to the demand. In order to control the emission of CO₂, every Best Diplomats purchase contributes 1% of their revenue to the scaling up of breakthrough carbon removal technology. 

Best Diplomats have collaborated with Stripe Climate to participate in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions. We at Best Diplomats LLC think that businesses may make a significant contribution to the battle against climate change. We are honoured to support leading-edge carbon removal. No business can halt climate change on its own. To boost demand for carbon removal, Stripe Climate collects cash from forward-thinking companies around the world. For the purpose of purchasing long-term carbon removal, Stripe Climate collaborates with Frontier, an internal team of scientific and business specialists at Stripe.

Best Diplomats Carbon Removal Initiative

Furthermore,  Climeworks absorbs  CO₂  straight from the air, concentrates it, and permanently sequesters it beneath in basaltic formations of rock with Carbfix using renewable geothermal energy as well as waste heat. 322 tons of CO₂  will be removed by Climeworks on the instruction of Stripe Climate companies. A unique carbon removal technique developed by Charm Industrial transforms biomass into bio-oil before injecting it far below for long-term geologic archival. The first client of Charm was Stripe Climate. Charm eliminated 416 tons of CO₂  for Stripe Climate companies in 2021.

Investors can aid innovative technologies in scaling up and reducing their cost curve. The majority of new technology is initially costly. Initial adopters like Best Diplomats assist promising new carbon removal technologies by lowering their costs and facilitating an expedited scale-up.

Best Diplomats Carbon Removal Initiative

Oleksandra Mamchii

Working as a academic lead at Best Diplomats.

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