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Best Diplomats’ Dubai Conference: Grand Opening Ceremony

In the heart of UAE, Best Diplomats gathered young diplomats from more than 45 plus nations for a vital dialogue on “Democratic Backsliding and Human Rights.” Hosted at the esteemed DoubleTree by Hilton M Square, the opening ceremony on September 22 witnessed delegates hailing from different parts of the world excited to represent their nations.

Best Diplomats Conference September 2023: Shaping Future Diplomats in Dubai

The Best Diplomats Dubai marked not just a conventional meeting of minds but a transformative platform for the future diplomats of the world. Mr. Fawad Ali Langah, the Director General of Best Diplomats, set the tone for the event by urging attendees to view the conference not as a forum for debate but as an inaugural stride toward becoming true diplomats.

The conference’s thematic focus on “Democratic Backsliding and Human Rights” shed light on critical global issues that play a fundamental role in upholding democracy and preserving individual liberties. Democratic Backsliding, a gradual erosion of democratic institutions and norms, poses a significant threat to democracy itself. Understanding and addressing this phenomenon are crucial for identifying warning signs and taking proactive measures to protect the foundations of democracy. On the other hand, Human Rights are essential for ensuring dignity, equality, and freedoms for all individuals, forming the bedrock of a just and fair society. Advocating for Human Rights is vital to shed light on violations, raise awareness, and drive policy changes while holding governments and entities accountable.

The inaugural day’s opening ceremony witnessed the presence of eminent figures, diplomats, and ambassadors who graced the event as “Guest Speakers” and “Guests of Honor.” Best Diplomats strongly advocates for empowering youth to actively participate in decision-making processes that shape their communities and nations. The organisation recognizes the youth’s new insights, innovative ideas, and boundless energy as key to successfully addressing pressing global issues.

Mr. Langah emphasised that aspiring diplomats should not underestimate the dedication and effort required to fulfil this role. Giving back to the community is an integral part of a diplomat’s success, he noted. The evolving world heavily relies on the younger generation, whose positivity, dedication, and adaptability stand as potent catalysts for positive changes across various domains.

Guest speakers highlighted the significance of the youth’s perspectives and fearlessness in challenging the status quo, vital for generating innovative solutions to persistent global challenges.

Distinguished experts, who participated in the event as Guest Speakers, included esteemed figures such as H.E. Faisal Niaz Tirmizi – Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE; H.E. Udaya Indrarathna – Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the UAE; Mr. Wicaksono Boediman – Counsel General for Economic Affairs of Indonesia; H.E. Masood Azizi – former consul general of Afghanistan in Dubai and UAE; and Eng. Maitha Alblooshi – an emerging youth leader and motivational speaker.

The “Guests of Honor” comprised H.E. Rebeca Perez – Ambassador of Panama to the UAE; H.E. Norberto Carlos Escalona Carrillo – Ambassador of Cuba to the UAE; H.E. Donancier Mebouogue – Counsel General of the Consulate General of Cameroon; Dr. Danica Savovic – Charge d’Affaires of the Serbian Embassy in the UAE; and H.E. Isidora Dabovic – Second Secretary of the Embassy of Montenegro.

The attendees were inspired and affirmed that the lessons gleaned from the event would propel them towards their goals of democratic progress and human rights. Their enthusiasm is now directed toward translating these lessons into tangible transformations on the global stage.

Oleksandra Mamchii

Working as a academic lead at Best Diplomats.

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