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Best Diplomats 2023: Uniting Global Leaders for Diplomacy and Women’s Rights

The inaugural Best Diplomats Conference gathered over 175 global Youth Leaders in Turkiye, providing an inspiring platform for driven young individuals. Best Diplomats, a New York-based organization renowned for hosting Diplomatic Simulations that emulate prestigious international bodies like the United Nations and the European Union, orchestrated this remarkable event in Istanbul.

This event was orchestrated under the capable leadership of Director General Fawad Ali Langah and Operations Manager Shaheer Suhail Qureshi, who ensured its seamless execution. The simulation boasted a roster of esteemed guest speakers, including Barrister Amrat Ahmed Sheikh, Amanullah Kanrani, Rafiullah Kakar, Samina Suhail Qureshi, and others. These influential figures shared their profound insights into the advocacy of women’s rights, demonstrating their unwavering support for the cause.

The central theme of the conference revolved around the empowerment of women and the promotion of their rights, with a strong focus on aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. Langah delivered a speech, underlining the significance of diplomacy and collaboration in an increasingly interconnected world. He stressed the continued commitment of the attendees to drive positive change, highlighting that they represented more than just themselves – they carried the potential to affect transformation in their home countries. He urged participants to engage in networking and socializing while emphasizing the importance of learning with a purpose.

The concept of global citizenship emerged, with attendees viewed as potential future leaders, change-makers, and catalysts for nation-building. The call for unity and collaboration resonated throughout the speech, with an emphasis on the importance of individuals contributing to positive change, even amid international tensions or crises.

Mr. Fawad expressed gratitude to the host country (Turkiye), and distinguished guests present. He reiterated the organization’s three central pillars – Diplomacy, Leadership, and Negotiation – and encouraged attendees to reflect on what they would take away from the conference as they prepare for the closing ceremony.

The major motive of the conference was to address gender discrimination and advocate for women’s rights, prompting participation from delegates representing all the major continents of the world to demonstrate their support for this cause.

Delegates from various countries discussed both the progress that has been achieved and the ongoing developments or initiatives that are currently in progress.

The first day of the event wrapped up by gratitude and good wishes to the participants and the host nation, reinforcing the conference’s fundamental principles: diplomacy, leadership, and the drive for positive global transformation.

Oleksandra Mamchii

Working as a academic lead at Best Diplomats.

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