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Best Diplomats Promoting SDGs and the Global Progress

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was endorsed by all UN member states in 2015. It outlines 17 Goals with a total of 169 goals. These ambitious and broad-based Goals are connected. Goal 3 is to promote and ensure healthy lives for all people, regardless of age. However, it also falls through other goals, so when it is implemented, it advances the achievement of other goals. Best Diplomats is certain that their conferences will prove to be a productive platform for dialogue and teamwork regarding the future of diplomacy integrating Sustainable Development Goals. So, it will create more opportunities for the people, and also foster the economic growth of any country. 


While the world deals with the trauma brought on by a pandemic, the climate crisis, and political turmoil, we need to assist one another more than ever Through the development of tools and resources that enable people to manage their experience in the way that suits them best, Best Diplomats is making significant investments in assisting people over time. Best Diplomats conferences are professionals, students, and diplomacy enthusiasts from every field of life who came together to improve their perspectives on working to create a better, more sustainable future. Best Diplomats has a reputation for hosting Grand Symposiums that involve speeches and discussions by renowned and famous keynote speakers, including ambassadors and diplomats as well as illustrious young athletes and businesspeople. 

Best Diplomats and SDG

We the Best Diplomats promoting Sustainable Development Goals, believe investing and promoting the goals will create so many opportunities for youngsters and professionals, these 17 goals are set for every nation for growth and development.


Oleksandra Mamchii

Working as a academic lead at Best Diplomats.

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