How to Understand Definite and Indefinite Integrals?

In calculus, we need to find the derivative of a function to find a real-time solution, and the inverse of derivation is the integration. You can see the implementation of derivation and integration in solving most problems in calculus. These are used to find the maximum and minimum values of a function, and you can use an integral calculator to find the result of various functions, which can be solved in steps, so you can understand the procedure of integration by integral calculator with steps. 

This can be great for engineering and mathematics students, to solve the lengthy problem, as they need to know the result of integration to use it further in the solution of the questions. Definite and indefinite integration is done for different purposes.

Integration is one of the most important as well as interesting parts of mathematics. But people face difficulty while solving the integration because they consider it a boring part or they even hate Math, so they face inconvenience solving integration properly.

Moreover, if people do not follow the right path or use the right techniques, they face errors when they solve integrals. The only route to solving integration correctly is a constant or systematic practice. When you practice solving it daily, you will get a grip on it easily.

However, there is an appropriate tool that is designed to help students, professionals, and others to solve complex integrals in seconds. This is an integral calculator that makes integration easier for everyone who has to solve integrals daily.

What are Integrals?

Integrals are an important concept in mathematics that helps you to represent the accumulation of quantities over an interval. The area under a curve on a graph is a typical way to conceptualize an integral. Integrating is determining the antiderivative of a function to find an integral.

Types of Integrals:

You will find two main types of integrals in mathematics. Each type can be handled carefully using an online complex integral calculator. You would not believe but the antiderivative calculator is very helpful in solving the integrals flawlessly.

1. Definite integral:

The definite integral is an integral having a lower and upper limit and represents an area under the curve f(x) for x=a to x=b, we can write the definite integral as: 


Where f(b) is considered as the upper limit of the integration and f(a) is considered as the lower limit of the integration, we can find a solution of number by putting the upper and lower limit values to the definite integral, You can use the definite integral calculator to find the integral of a definite integral.  You need to enter both the upper and lower limits to find the integral solution.

2. Indefinite integral:

The indefinite integral is written without upper and lower limits, and we call it indefinite as it has no limits or boundaries. If we had a function at the end of the integration, the answer would have a function that still has an “x” sign with a constant “c” as the answer.

We can write the indefinite integral as follows:


There are no upper and lower limits of  the indefinite integral and we can write the answer as:


Where “c” is an arbitrary constant value, 

For example, if we need to write the indefinite integral of a function given, then we can write it as follows:

                             x3dx= 14×4+c

We can use an indefinite integral calculator to solve an indefinite integral. We use various steps to solve an integration process, simplify the question, and apply the limits if it is a definite integral.

How to find definite integral: 

Now when we have to evaluate the definite integral, we have to consider the lower and the upper limit. Consider the following definite integral, and solve it step by step: 

                             f(x)= 23y3dy

  • Graphically, we are finding the area under the curve f(x)=y3between y=2, and y=3.
  • In the first step, we will find the integral of the function f(x)=y3and then put the values of the lower and the upper limits in the integral.
  • Now when computing the integral we found:

                    The integral in this case is:


  • Now we have to put the upper and lower limits for y=2, and y=3, in this integral

                344- 244=654

  • We put the values of the upper and the lower limits of the integral in the expression, and do not use the value of the constant in the definite integral, we can use the definite integral calculator to solve the above expression.

How to find indefinite integral: 

Now when we have to evaluate the indefinite integral, In this case, there are no lower and upper limits as it is an indefinite integral, consider the following indefinite integral, and we solve it step by step: 

                                       f(x)= y3dy

  • Graphically, we are finding the area under the curve f(x)=y3of indefinite area.
  • In the first step, we will find the integral of the function  f(x)=y3Now when computing the integral we find:


  • Where “C” is a constant and is used as an indefinite integral, we solve the indefinite integral by using an indefinite integral calculator, we can solve the indefinite integral step by step.

Examples of Integration:

There are several examples available that can help you to understand the different steps of integrals thoroughly. However, an integral calculator is necessary to solve an integration error-free.

Example no.1:

∫02 (3×2+2x−1)dx


To find the definite integral, we first find the antiderivative of the given function and then evaluate it at the upper and lower limits of integration.



Now, we evaluate the antiderivative at the upper and lower limits:

Upper limit: F(2)=23+22−2=8+4−2=10

Lower limit: F(0)=03+02−0=0

Example no.2:

∫14 x1 dx


Again, we find the antiderivative of the given function:

F(x)=∫ x1 dx=ln∣x∣

Now, we evaluate the antiderivative at the upper and lower limits:

Upper limit: F(4)=ln∣4∣=ln(4)

Lower limit: F(1)=ln∣1∣=0

Finally, we subtract the lower limit from the upper limit:

∫14 x1 dx=F(4)−F(1)=ln(4)−0=ln(4)


∫14 x1 dx=ln(4)

Final Thoughts:

Integral solving doesn’t have to be an impossible task. You can work with a range of integrals employing integral calculators with steps. These are learning and verification tools while responsibly embracing technology. Thorough practice helps to solve complicated integral equations easily.


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