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Top 8 Largest Construction Companies in United States

The United States’ urbanization, infrastructural development, and economic growth are all based on the construction sector. Many businesses are vital to the construction of bridges, motorways, and other vital infrastructure, as well as the sculpting of skylines. Here, we examine the top eight biggest construction firms in the US, emphasizing their impact, strength, and contributions to the physical environment of the country.

List of the Top 8 Largest Construction Companies in the United States

  1. The Turner Corporation 
  2. Bechtel
  3. Kiewit Corporation
  4. STO Building Group, Inc.
  5. Fluor
  6. The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
  7. DPR Construction
  8. Skanska USA

1. The Turner Corporation 

The Turner Corporation, founded in 1902, is a well-known construction management company with its main office located in New York City. Turner, which specializes in projects related to business, healthcare, education, and aviation, has established itself as a leading player in the construction sector with more than a century of expertise. Turner, well-known for its dedication to quality, creativity, and sustainability, has made a lasting impression on American urban environments.

Turner reported $16.3 billion in sales in 2022, compared to $14.3 billion in the previous year. Turner Construction has secured the top spot on Engineering News-Record’s (ENR) list of the top 400 commercial contractors of 2023 for the third year in a row.

Among the famous sites in Turner’s portfolio are the World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York City and the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. The firm uses state-of-the-art technology and building techniques to execute projects on schedule and below budget, demonstrating its commitment to excellence through collaboration. Turner prioritizes safety, putting in place strict procedures to guarantee the security of its employees and other stakeholders.

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2. Bechtel

Bechtel Corporation, founded in 1898, is a leading construction and engineering company in the world, with a major presence in the US. Bechtel has more than a century of expertise and has made a name for itself as a pioneer in completing challenging industrial, energy, and infrastructure projects. The business has a broad spectrum of industry experience, including telecommunications, oil and gas, power production, and transportation.

Bechtel Corporation’s revenue, as per the last updated data, is $17.6 billion. Bechtel has been a major player in the development of the built environment in the United States, helping to build vital infrastructure including airports, trains, nuclear power plants, and renewable energy installations. The Hoover Dam, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, and the building of several roads and subway systems throughout the nation are notable undertakings.

Bechtel’s dedication to sustainability, safety, and innovation is credited with its success. The organization uses best practices and state-of-the-art technology to complete projects quickly and to the highest possible standards. Bechtel is renowned for its cooperative approach, closely collaborating to accomplish common objectives with customers, stakeholders, and local communities.

3. Kiewit Corporation

Founded in 1884, Kiewit Corporation is a well-known mining, engineering, and construction firm with headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, and a substantial presence throughout North America. With a long history spanning more than a century, Kiewit has established an outstanding reputation for successfully and innovatively completing challenging infrastructure projects.

Kiewit generated $10.3 billion in revenue as per the last available data. With a focus on heavy civil construction, Kiewit has contributed significantly to the development of the power plants, roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, and other infrastructure projects that make up the core of the continent. Among the company’s many notable projects are the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Tunnel in Seattle, and a host of transportation networks that improve mobility and link communities.

Kiewit’s dedication to efficiency, quality, and safety is the cornerstone of company success. The organization prioritizes the health and welfare of its stakeholders and employees while utilizing cutting-edge technology and construction techniques to complete projects on schedule and under budget. In addition to its stellar building record, Kiewit is renowned for its environmental responsibility and corporate citizenship programs. The business actively participates in neighborhood communities, encourages diversity and inclusion, and uses sustainable techniques to reduce its environmental impact.

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4. STO Building Group, Inc.

STO Building Group, Inc., formerly known as Structure Tone, is a well-known provider of construction services with its headquarters located in New York City. Since its founding in 1971, the business has expanded to rank among the biggest privately held construction management companies in the US. A wide range of services are offered by STO Building Group, such as general contracting, design-build, construction management, and pre-construction consultancy.

According to Forbes, STO Building Group has $10.4 billion in revenue. STO Building Group specializes in the commercial, institutional, residential, and healthcare sectors and has completed a number of well-known projects successfully all throughout the nation. The organization has experience in many different areas, such as mission-critical buildings, retail, hotels, and corporate interiors.

The success of STO Building Group is based on its dedication to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction. The company optimizes project delivery, guaranteeing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, by utilizing cutting-edge technology and industry best practices. STO Building Group also prioritizes safety, putting in place strict procedures to safeguard the health and welfare of its stakeholders and employees.

5. Fluor

The multinational engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, and maintenance firm Fluor Corporation has its main office in Irving, Texas. Having been founded in 1912, Fluor has grown to become one of the biggest and most diverse companies in the construction sector, operating on six continents.

In 2023, Fluor Corporation brought in more than $15 billion in sales. Regaining revenue after 2022, when it was at its lowest point since 2008. Fluor’s emphasis on completing difficult and demanding projects has helped to build some of the most important industrial, energy, and infrastructural projects in the world. The organization has experience in many different industries, including mining, petrochemicals, infrastructure, government services, oil and gas, and power production.

Fluor has had a significant influence on the built environment in the United States by helping to build essential infrastructure, including power plants, bridges, roads, and airports. Notable projects include the replacement of the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York, the Alameda Corridor rail project in California, and many LNG plants along the Gulf Coast. Fluor’s dedication to sustainability, safety, and innovation is the foundation of its success. 

6. The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, founded in 1909, is a well-known general contracting and construction management company with its headquarters located in Baltimore, Maryland. Whiting-Turner has over a century of expertise and has made a name for itself as a leader in completing challenging construction projects in a variety of industries, including industrial, commercial, healthcare, and education.

Whiting-Turner has generated revenue of 8.7 billion USD, as per the last updated data. Whiting-Turner, renowned for its dedication to innovation, quality, and integrity, has made a lasting impression on the American built environment. The company’s varied portfolio, which includes well-known monuments including office skyscrapers, hospitals, research centers, and sports stadiums, demonstrates its proficiency in building structures that influence communities and promote advancement.

Whiting-Turner’s success is based on its teamwork style, which uses best practices and cutting-edge technology to expedite project delivery and go beyond customer expectations. The organization prioritizes safety and has put in place strict procedures to protect the health and safety of its stakeholders and employees.

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7. DPR Construction

Founded in 1990, DPR Construction is a nationwide general contractor and construction management company with its main office located in Redwood City, California. Renowned for its dedication to creativity, eco-friendliness, and teamwork, DPR has become a frontrunner in completing challenging projects in a range of industries, including life sciences, healthcare, business, and cutting-edge technology.

DPR has reported a total revenue of 6.8 billion USD. DPR has established a stellar reputation for quality in the construction sector by placing a high priority on creating enduring connections and going above and beyond for clients. Modern research facilities, cutting-edge medical facilities, sophisticated office complexes, and environmentally friendly structures are just a few examples of the company’s varied portfolio, which highlights its prowess in completing projects that satisfy changing client and community demands. 

DPR’s integrated project delivery approach—which prioritizes efficiency, openness, and teamwork throughout the building process—is the key to its success. The organization utilizes cutting-edge technology, lean construction methodologies, and sustainable building techniques to maximize project results and reduce ecological footprints. In addition to providing essential construction services, DPR is dedicated to supporting the communities it works with through volunteer work and charitable endeavors. The organization also places a high priority on inclusion, equity, and diversity, creating a culture of belonging that gives workers the freedom to flourish and be creative.

8. Skanska USA

Skanska USA, the US division of the Swedish global construction firm Skanska Group, is one of the country’s top suppliers of infrastructure, development, and construction services. Skanska USA, a reputable partner for completing intricate and long-lasting projects in a range of industries, including healthcare, education, transportation, business, and residential, has a long and illustrious history that dates back to the late 1800s.

Skanska has generated a total revenue of 17.2 billion USD. Renowned for its dedication to innovation, safety, and sustainability, Skanska USA has helped build important infrastructure and famous sites, leaving an enduring impression on the American landscape. The company’s varied portfolio, which includes well-known projects like sports stadiums, airports, hospitals, and bridges, demonstrates its proficiency in completing projects of various sizes and complexity.

The foundation of Skanska USA’s success is its collaborative approach, which maximizes project delivery and surpasses customer expectations by utilizing cutting-edge technology, digital tools, and best practices. The organization prioritizes safety and has put in place strict procedures to protect the health and safety of its stakeholders and employees.


The industry’s highest standards of quality, creativity, and knowledge are embodied by these eight major construction corporations in the US. These businesses have transformed the nation’s physical environment and infrastructure via their varied portfolios and unwavering dedication to sustainability, quality, and safety, creating a lasting legacy for future generations. These companies will continue to be at the vanguard, advancing development and reshaping the future landscape, as long as the demand for infrastructure keeps rising.


Which Kinds of Projects Do the Biggest US Construction Companies Usually Take On?

The largest construction businesses in the United States work on a wide variety of projects, including energy facilities, healthcare facilities, commercial structures, and infrastructure, including bridges and roads.

How Do These Businesses Make Safety a Top Priority on Their Building Sites?

These businesses have a high focus on safety, as seen by their stringent procedures, ongoing training initiatives, and close adherence to OSHA guidelines. To protect the health and safety of stakeholders and employees, they use cutting-edge safety procedures and technology.

Which Modern Technologies Are Used by These Businesses Throughout the Construction Process?

The biggest construction companies use prefabrication processes, drones for site surveys and inspections, virtual reality for project visualization, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to increase production and efficiency.

How Do These Businesses Support the Preservation of the Environment and Sustainable Building Practices?

Several of these businesses have active sustainability programs, including environmentally friendly materials, renewable energy sources, and green building techniques in their construction projects. Their goals are to preserve natural resources, cut down on waste, and lessen their carbon impact.

Which Famous Buildings or Infrastructural Undertakings in the US Have These Construction Behemoths Completed?

These businesses have built skyscrapers, bridges, stadiums, and transit hubs, among other famous structures. The San Francisco Bay Bridge seismic retrofit, the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, and One World Trade Center in New York are a few examples.

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