Ranking the Top 10 Largest Stadiums in Nebraska

Nebraska is home to approximately 2 million people and the majority of its population loves sports. A lot of sports events are held in some of the largest stadiums in Nebraska. These stadiums can hold a seating capacity of thousands of spectators and let them cheer for their favorite teams. Here is the list of the 10 biggest stadiums in Nebraska. 

List of 10 Biggest Stadiums in Nebraska

  1. Memorial Stadium 
  2. TD Ameritrade Park Omaha
  3. CHI Health Center 
  4. Pinnacle Bank Arena 
  5. Bob Devaney Sports Center 
  6. Seacrest Field 
  7. Werner Park 
  8. Hawks Field at Haymarket Park 
  9. Baxter Arena
  10. Morrison Stadium 

1) Memorial Stadium

The Memorial Stadium is one of the most iconic locations for collegiate football at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It ranks at the top of the list of largest stadiums in Nebraska with a staggering 85,458 people capacity. Constructed in 1923, this iconic location has seen many famous moments in sports history and is home to the university’s renowned football team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Memorial Stadium has strong emotional relevance besides its grandeur and sports significance. As implied by its name, it serves as a memorial to the Nebraskans who gave their lives in World War I. The stadium has experienced multiple restorations and extensions over the years, changing to meet the needs of contemporary sports facilities as well as the expanding passion of Husker Nation.

The stadium comes alive on game days with a sea of red-clad fans famed for their steadfast devotion and passionate yells, which creates an incredible atmosphere that echoes well beyond the field. Memorial Stadium is not simply a place, it is a representation of Nebraska’s unwavering love affair with football because of the thunderous cheers of the fans.

2) TD Ameritrade Park Omaha

Located in the center of the biggest city in Nebraska, TD Ameritrade Park Omaha is a top attraction for both baseball lovers and sports fans in general. With a seating capacity of about 24,000 people, this cutting-edge stadium is proof of Omaha’s love for the nation’s favorite game. The NCAA College World Series has been held at TD Ameritrade Park every June since it opened in 2011. This event showcases the best collegiate baseball players.

TD Ameritrade Park’s vibrant environment and community participation are enhanced by its dual use as a home field for the Creighton Bluejays baseball club and collegiate athletics. 

TD Ameritrade Park has been the site of several concerts, festivals, and cultural events besides baseball, which has further cemented its reputation as a multipurpose entertainment hub. Due to its strategic location in Omaha’s downtown, it serves as a center of activity and a meeting place for the local community.

Beyond just sports and entertainment, TD Ameritrade Park has a big influence on Omaha’s economy and cultural scene. The stadium, a representation of Omaha’s colorful personality and passion for baseball, never fails to enthrall spectators and make an impression on everyone who enters.

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3) CHI Health Center 

CHI Health Center in Omaha is a beacon of modernism and adaptability in the city’s center. It is a versatile venue that can accommodate a broad range of events, from concerts and sporting competitions to conventions and trade exhibitions, with a seating capacity of roughly 17,000. This multifunctional arena, which was once known as the CenturyLink Center Omaha before being renamed the CHI Health Center, opened its doors in 2003 and soon became a top attraction for both business and entertainment events.

Modern amenities and a sleek design make the arena a pleasant place for both performers and spectators. Modern audiovisual equipment and adaptable seating configurations guarantee an immersive experience for guests, whether they’re supporting their preferred sports teams or taking in a live performance by well-known performers.

Events as varied as professional wrestling fights, NCAA basketball tournaments, and arena-filling concerts with world-class musicians have all taken place at CHI Health Center. Due to its strategic location in the heart of Omaha’s downtown, it is both conveniently accessible and a hub for local entertainment and cultural events.

CHI Health Center is an essential part of Omaha’s cultural scene that never fails to enthrall audiences and draw large crowds because of its unmatched amenities and wide range of programming. In Nebraska’s biggest city, the arena continues to be a dynamic representation of innovation and community spirit, whether it is used for commerce, music, or sports.

4) Pinnacle Bank Arena

Located in Lincoln, Pinnacle Bank Arena is a modern marvel and a cornerstone of the city’s entertainment offerings. It provides a lively environment for a variety of events, from concerts and athletic events to congresses and family entertainment, with a seating capacity of about 15,500. Pinnacle Bank Arena opened its doors in 2013 and has since grown to be a well-known landmark and the center of activity in downtown Lincoln.

The arena offers a unique experience for both performers and spectators thanks to its state-of-the-art amenities and modern design. Its expansive concourses, first-rate seating selections, and cutting-edge audiovisual equipment guarantee that every event is captivating and unforgettable. Pinnacle Bank Arena is a leader in ecologically responsible venue management because of its eco-friendly design characteristics, which demonstrate its dedication to sustainability.

Pinnacle Bank Arena, the home of the men’s and women’s basketball teams of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has seen countless exciting games and special moments on the court. Besides hosting world-class concerts, comedies, and community events, the arena has drawn guests from all around the region and beyond.

Beyond only providing entertainment, Pinnacle Bank Arena has a big impact on Lincoln’s economy and cultural life. It is a hub for leisure and entertainment in the city due to its strategic placement next to the historic Haymarket District. Pinnacle Bank Arena, a representation of development and innovation, continues to influence Lincoln’s identity and improve the quality of life for both locals and visitors.

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5) Bob Devaney Sports Center

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Bob Devaney Sports Center is evidence of the school’s dedication to academic and athletic achievement. It can accommodate 13,595 people in seats, making it a flexible location for a range of athletic events, musical performances, and community meetings. Since its construction in 1976, the sports center that was named after the late Bob Devaney, the great athletic director and football coach at Nebraska, has served as a hub for Husker Nation.

Both competitors and spectators will find the small setting and cutting-edge amenities of the arena ideal. The Bob Devaney Sports Center, home of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s volleyball and wrestling teams, has seen many championship wins and momentous occasions on the mat and court. Fans of all ages are guaranteed a good time thanks to its adaptable seating configurations and contemporary conveniences.

The Bob Devaney Sports Center has held concerts, commencement ceremonies, and other special events along with sporting tournaments, enhancing its standing as a focus for the arts and culture in Lincoln. Due to its convenient placement in the middle of the campus, it is a well-liked hangout for tourists, alumni, and students alike. The Bob Devaney Sports Center is an enduring source of inspiration and solidarity for the university community, serving as a testament to Nebraska’s pride and tradition. Numerous sportsmen and spectators who have come through its doors over the years have left a legacy of greatness and sportsmanship.

6) Seacrest Field

Nebraska’s Seacrest Field is a perfect example of the city’s strong sense of community and rich sporting history. This iconic stadium, which can hold about 10,000 spectators in its seating, has been a popular location for a wide range of sporting events since it opened in 1940.

Seacrest Field was first built as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project during the Great Depression. Despite the years, it has undergone several restorations to preserve its historic appeal. Dedicated to the memory of Chris S. Seacrest, the previous mayor of Lincoln, the stadium has served as a hub for high school football games, track and field events, and neighborhood get-togethers for many years.

The natural grass field and recognizable horseshoe-shaped layout of Seacrest Field make for a stunning setting for sporting events. For both athletes and spectators, the stadium’s compact setting and proximity to the action make for an immersive experience. Whether attending track meets or supporting nearby high school teams, visitors to Seacrest Field are surrounded by the exciting spirit of rivalry and friendship.

Seacrest Field’s reputation as a treasured community asset has been further cemented by its hosting of multiple cultural and community events, such as concerts, festivals, and fundraisers, besides athletics. It is a beloved landmark in Lincoln that attracts people of all ages and backgrounds due to its central location and historical significance. Inspiring and uplifting the Lincoln community, Seacrest Field stands as a testament to resiliency and solidarity, instilling a sense of pride and belonging in everyone who has the opportunity to experience its timeless charm.

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7) Werner Park

Located in Papillion, Nebraska, Werner Park captures the thrill and friendship of the national sport of baseball. The Omaha Storm Chasers, the Triple-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, play their home games at this state-of-the-art stadium, which can hold up to 9,023 spectators.

Ever since its inception in 2011, Werner Park has grown to be a cherished location for baseball enthusiasts around the area. The stadium, which bears the name of philanthropist and former Omaha mayor David D. Werner, is the ideal location for a memorable family outing at the ballgame thanks to its contemporary amenities and welcoming ambiance.

The gorgeous surroundings and immaculate playing field of Werner Park make it the perfect setting for America’s favorite game. There is something for everyone to enjoy as fans can watch the action from a variety of seating options, such as party decks, outfield berm seating, and luxury suites.

Werner Park is not only the home of minor league baseball games but also a multipurpose space for corporate meetings, concerts, and community activities. Due to its convenient position inside the Omaha metropolitan region, it is a well-liked hangout for families, sports fans, and those looking for entertainment. Werner Park, a representation of both civic pride and athletic brilliance, never fails to bring baseball enthusiasts of all ages together via their passion for the game. Werner Park offers guests an amazing experience full of fun, excitement, and the enduring traditions of America’s national game, whether they are supporting the Storm Chasers or attending a special event.

8) Hawks Field at Haymarket Park

Hawks Field at Haymarket Park embodies the spirit and heritage of university baseball in the heart of Lincoln. This state-of-the-art stadium, which can hold up to 8,486 spectators, is the home of the prestigious Huskers baseball club of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Hawks Field opened in 2002 and has since grown to be a popular hangout for both baseball fans and Husker supporters. The stadium, which bears the name of well-known Nebraskan entrepreneur and philanthropist James G. “Jim” Hawks, offers players and fans an amazing experience by fusing contemporary conveniences with a vintage ballpark ambiance.

The immaculate field-maintained landscaping and expansive views of the stadium create the perfect atmosphere for America’s favorite sport. There is something for everyone to enjoy as fans can support the Huskers from a range of seating options, including box seats, bleachers, and premium club seating spaces.

Hawks Field is not only the home of university baseball games but also a multipurpose location for concerts, neighborhood gatherings, and kid’s sporting events. It is the center of activity and the main attraction for entertainment and leisure in Lincoln due to its prime position in the thriving Haymarket District. Hawks Field at Haymarket Park, a representation of both athletic brilliance and community pride, never fails to bring baseball enthusiasts of all ages together via their passion for the game. 

Visitors at Hawks Field are treated to an unmatched atmosphere full of excitement, camaraderie, and the ageless traditions of America’s national sport, whether they are there for a Huskers game or to attend a special event.

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9) Baxter Arena

Baxter Arena in Omaha is a shining example of good sportsmanship and a sense of community in the center of the city. This contemporary venue, which can accommodate 7,898 people for seating, is the proud home of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Mavericks hockey team as well as several other collegiate and community events.

Baxter Arena has grown to be a popular location for hockey players and sports spectators in the area when it first opened for business in 2015. Baxter Arena, named after the grandson of Omaha benefactor Walter Scott Jr., offers both athletes and spectators an unmatched experience by combining state-of-the-art technology with a welcoming and pleasant ambiance.

Modern features of the stadium, such as luxurious seating sections, roomy concourses, and high-definition TV screens, guarantee that each event is captivating and unforgettable. Whether attending a neighborhood event or rooting for the Mavericks from the stands, guests at Baxter Arena are offered top-notch entertainment and friendliness.

Baxter Arena is a multipurpose space that can be used for concerts, trade exhibitions, graduations, and other special occasions besides hockey games. It is the center of activities and the main attraction for entertainment and leisure in Omaha thanks to its convenient location and state-of-the-art amenities. Baxter Arena continues to inspire and bring fans of all ages together in their common love of sports and entertainment as a symbol of athletic accomplishment and community pride. Whether going to a live concert or a hockey game, guests at Baxter Arena are guaranteed to have treasured experiences in this energetic and exciting space.

10) Morrison Stadium

Located in Omaha on the grounds of Creighton University, Morrison Stadium is a premier location for collegiate soccer matches and community gatherings. This cutting-edge venue, which can accommodate 7,500 people in seats, is well-known for its exciting ambiance and first-rate amenities.

The Creighton Bluejays women’s and men’s soccer teams have called Morrison Stadium home since it opened in 2003. The stadium, named for passionate Creighton supporters Michael G. Morrison and his family, is a favorite spot for sports fans and soccer lovers alike because of its state-of-the-art amenities, well-kept playing field, and latest seating options.

Both players and fans are energized by the thrilling atmosphere created by the stadium’s compact location and enthusiastic audience. Everyone in attendance will have an immersive experience thanks to the range of vantage points available to fans, such as VIP suites, grass berms, and grandstand seats.

Morrison Stadium is not only the home of collegiate soccer matches but also a multipurpose location for sporting events, concerts, and community gatherings. It serves as a hub for leisure and recreation in the area due to its strategic location in the center of Omaha’s cultural and entertainment district. Morrison Stadium, a representation of athletic brilliance and civic involvement, never fails to bring soccer enthusiasts of all ages together through their passion for the game. Morrison Stadium offers guests an amazing experience full of thrills, friendship, and the spirit of competitiveness, whether they’re supporting the Bluejays or attending a special event.

No.Name of StadiumSeating Capacity
1Memorial Stadium85,458
2TD Ameritrade Park Omaha24,000
3CHI Health Center17,000
4Pinnacle Bank Arena15,500
5Bob Devaney Sports Center13,595
6Seacrest Field10,000
7Werner Park9,023
8Hawks Field at Haymarket Park8,486
9Baxter Arena7,898
10Morrison Stadium7,500


The amazing stadiums in Nebraska showcase the love of the people who live there. The people of Nebraska visit these stadiums, cheer for their favorite team, and enjoy the beautiful games. The largest stadiums in Nebraska allow people to come in massive crowds and show their love as spectators. These stadiums are a symbol of the love that the people of Nebraska have for sports. 


How Big Is the Memorial Stadium?

The Memorial Stadium can hold a capacity of 85,458 spectators. It is the largest stadium in Nebraska. 

What Is the Biggest Stadium in the World?

The Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, India holds the record for being the largest stadium in the world. It can hold 132,000 spectators. 

What Is the Biggest Stadium in the US?

The biggest stadium in the United States is the Michigan Stadium which has a seating capacity of 107,601 people. 

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