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How Leadership for Women Benefits Society in the 21st Century

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.”. This great quote by one of the greatest women leaders of the world sums up why leadership for women is so essential, especially as the world progresses. Leadership for women not only breaks shackles for the women involved, but it creates a domino effect for all women in society, but more on that later. 

Women differ from men in some key aspects. They are generally believed to be more responsible and aversive to taking unnecessary risks. Moreover, they are better at conflict resolution. All these things make them stand out and become extraordinary leaders of the future. 

If you want to know how leadership for women will benefit society in the 21st century, read ahead. 

Why Leadership for Women Is Essential?

There are two benefits that are achieved when women get leadership positions. For starters, women become great leaders and can bring positivity to the status quo. Moreover, women help boost the confidence of other women and inspire them to rise above their situation and work harder. 

  • Gives them financial independence
  • Boost their confidence
  • Reduces gender stereotyping in society
  • Makes offices less toxic
  • Increases diversity in society
  • Creates a domino effect
  • Reduces conflict in the world

1. Gives Them Financial Independence

According to World Bank statistics, around 2.4 billion women of working age can not afford the equal economic opportunity. In middle eastern countries and even some western countries, the state of women is abysmal. Women depend on their husbands to sustain themselves. Moreover, these women have to face abuse, both physical and mental, because they are not self-dependent. 

When women become prominent leaders, they end up getting financial independence themselves. However, you may wonder why leadership is better than women getting jobs. The former allows women to change the norms in society and make more women feel empowered. 

2. Boosts Their Confidence

For centuries, women have been taught to believe that they are not capable enough or that they lack the necessary skills to get the jobs done. Over the years, this lack of confidence has passed onto generations and has led women of today to believe that they are not capable of leadership. 

When women become leaders in society, it benefits society and moves it in a progressive direction. It not only eliminates discriminatory norms, but also boosts women’s confidence. When women realize their potential, they can fight off abuse and make better decisions for themselves. 

3. Reduces Gender Stereotyping in Society

Gender stereotyping is the practice of ascribing to an individual woman or man specific attributes, roles, or characteristics based on their gender alone. Gender stereotyping begins in childhood. Every one of us are familiar with phrases like girls like green, girls belong in the kitchen. When these girls become women, they are stereotyped into gender-specific roles of motherhood and caregiver. 

Leadership for women breaks down these stereotypes and teaches society that women are so much more than their gender. They are fighters, they are rule breakers, and they are the changemakers of society. All in all, it helps break notions of femininity in the status quo. 

4. Makes Offices Less Toxic

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a minority or a relatively underprivileged group becomes part of leadership, it creates policies that are equitable and creates a less toxic environment for all. This is why feminist leadership is widely supported by world intellectuals. 

Think of all the prominent women leaders of the world, such as Jacinda Arden of New Zealand or Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan. When women take leadership into their hands, you see a visible difference in the organizational structure. Moreover, these women help other women get equal opportunities. 

5. Increases Diversity in Society

According to World Bank Statistics, around 178 countries maintain legal barriers that prevent women from achieving their full potential. When feminist leadership rises, it increases diversity within society and ensures that office places have a relatively equal ratio of men and women. 

Not just that, but having women leaders ensure that organizational heads feel accountable and do not brush aside their responsibility of hiring as many capable women as men. It also prevents individuals from using the ‘women are weak’ excuse to not hire females. 

6. Creates a Domino Effect

In societies where women take up active roles of leadership, you will notice a general shift in the behaviors of everyone. You will notice how it creates a domino effect and pushes more and more women to take up field work. It inspires women and makes them realize that they have so much potential that is being wasted. 

Moreover, leadership for women does not only benefit one society, its effects can be felt by women in other societies as well. Look at women who lead the Seneca Conventions in the USA. These women initiated the first wave of feminism and influenced and inspired other women to create change within their societies as well. 

7. Reduces conflict in the world

There may not be enough statistics to prove this claim. However, history tells us that wherever men have taken leadership, they have not done much to mitigate conflict. Look at all the major conflicts and wars that have occurred in the world. Almost all of them have been started by male leaders. 

Having increased leadership for women can change how society and the world operate. Women are generally known to be more rational when it comes to risky behaviors. This is why having more women as heads of organizations and states can help reduce conflict in the world. 

Characteristics of Women Leadership That Benefits Status Quo

Women Leadership benefits

1. Women Have Transformational Leadership Style

Transformational leadership style is the need of the hour. It is adopted by leaders who assess society, find a problem, and then spend their entire lives fixing that problem. They also work to improve the status quo and improve the lives of individuals. Women generally have a transformational leadership style because they are extremely focused on making the status quo better for women. 

2. Women Are Task-Focused

Whether it is a small task or an integral one, you will see women giving it their all. From planning meticulously, to executing their plan, they are extremely focused and not distracted by external factors. Moreover, women are multitaskers, which allows them to complete more tasks in less time. 

3. Women Are Enthusiastic About New Initiatives

Compared to men, women are generally more excited about new initiatives. They do not just initiate new plans, but also like to get involved in new things. They are also good organizers and can plan well: traits that help them take new initiatives easily. Moreover, their enthusiasm creates a domino effect and makes their entire team feel excited about the new initiative. 

4. Women Have Good Listening Skills

When it comes to leadership, we often say that leaders should possess excellent communication skills. Most people will work on their speaking skills and forget that leaders need to listen well. Women are generally perceived to be better listeners than talkers. This develops their understanding of the people working for them, thus making them gain a better perception of the world around them. 

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5. Women Promote Collaboration and Cooperation

Since women are good at conflict resolution, they can create avenues for collaboration and cooperation between team members. Women also possess great EQ and are thus able to assess the needs of individuals. By making calculated decisions, they can bring everyone together and give them opportunities to cooperate. 

6. Women Resist Self-Branding

Self-branding is not inherently wrong. However, when leaders are focused on self-branding, they often put other, more important things, aside. They will often do things that put them in the limelight, even if it does not lead to any positive tangible change. Since women do not prioritize self-branding, they do not need to spend a lot of time on unnecessary things. 

7. Women Are Inclusive

Women have faced marginalization and discrimination at the hands of society. They have also faced the brunt of it. It is hence less likely that women would do the same to others. This is why leaders like Hilary Clinton and Jacinda Arden promise inclusivity and deliver on it. 

8. Women Are More Empathetic

Compassion and empathy are often associated with women. However, in the status quo, these traits come with a negative connotation when linked with leadership. The world has made us believe that leaders do not need to be compassionate or empathetic. This is counterintuitive to progress because compassionate leaders can get more respect and more work done. 

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The world is going backward, with a plethora of new conflicts rising every day. Amidst all this, leadership for women can break shackles and prove to be a game-changer for the world. It can not only increase diversity and inclusion in the status quo, but can also reduce toxicity in society. 

Moreover, it will help improve the abysmal state of women. It will help bridge the gender gap and reduce gender stereotyping that affects billions of women across the globe. 


What Qualities Make a Great Female Leader?

Apart from the many traits and characteristics mentioned above, three special traits make women stand out as leaders. For starters, women have greater humility. They do not like to lock horns with others when their ego is hurt. They only take such decisions under dire circumstances. Additionally, women are extremely persuasive and convince anyone to follow orders. Lastly, women are extremely resilient and brave. 

How Can We Support Women’s Leadership?

If you have women in your workforce, and you want to empower them, here are some things you can do. 
1. Give women equal opportunities and an inclusive environment where they can progress. 
2. Assess individuals and look for emerging leaders within your workforce. 
3. Build the skills for these women by sponsoring their leadership training. 
4. Promote them and give them additional incentives to do better. 
5. Boost their confidence so they feel empowered with their new role. 

Why Is Women’s Leadership Critical?

Gender bias is extremely prevalent in the world. Leadership for women helps break these barriers and helps transform society for the better. They can channel their energies to do good for the world. Moreover, women have the necessary traits and characteristics that help them get good revenue for the organizations they head. 

What Are the Barriers to Female Leadership?

As much as the world claims to be equitable, sadly, it has not been able to create the same opportunities for female leaders as it has for men. Stereotyping, active biases, and structural and inherent discrimination allow the world to put women down and reduce their chances of becoming effective leaders. 

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