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10 Most Educated Countries in the World in 2024 

In current times, the world is witnessing that education plays a crucial role in shaping societies and driving progress. Several countries have gained the distinction of being the most educated in the world due to their pursuit of knowledge and academic success.

These countries stand out for their dedication to providing accessible and high-quality education. Here is the most insightful detail of the top 10 most educated countries in the world in 2024.  

Which Are the Most Educated Countries in the World? 

  • South Korea
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Lithuania
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Australia

1- South Korea

South Korea stands out as the most educated country globally, with a literacy rate of 97.9% in 2024. Its high percentage of higher education graduates among OECD countries was reached in 2022 when approximately 70% of the population between the ages of 25 and 34 had completed their college education.

The country’s education system, known for its rigorous standards and often called “education fever,” is characterized by intense competition and high expectations from students starting at a young age. The demanding school day and the prevalent pressure to excel contribute to a culture of hard work and dedication to academic success.

South Korean students consistently demonstrate exceptional performance in international assessments like the PISA test and showcase the effectiveness of the country’s educational approach.  

The commitment to education has elevated South Korea’s literacy rates and positioned it as a global leader in fostering a highly educated population.

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2- Canada

Canada, renowned for its exceptional educational system, stands as the second most educated country globally, with a tertiary education attainment rate of 66.36%. The country’s commitment to accessible and high-quality education is evident in its universities and educational infrastructure which provide comprehensive learning opportunities for individuals aged 5 to 19 at a reasonable cost. 

The country’s emphasis on providing accessible education has not only elevated its tertiary education rates but has also enhanced the overall literacy levels among its citizens. Canada’s educational journey exemplifies the transformative power of education in shaping individuals and societies.

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3- Japan

Japan, renowned for its literacy and technical advancements, emerges as the third most educated country globally in 2024. Japan has a tertiary education rate of 64% which showcases the nation’s commitment to higher learning. 

A significant 65% of Japanese individuals aged 25 to 34 held tertiary education qualifications and 34.2% of the Japanese population aged 25 to 64 possessed a bachelor’s degree.

Japan is positioned as a global leader in educational success and innovation due to its high rates of postsecondary education and emphasis on literacy and lifelong learning.

4- Luxembourg

Luxemburg, which ranks as the fourth most educated nation in the world with 63.12% of its people having completed postsecondary education, is the finest example of educational success.

The nation’s multilingual education system, encompassing fundamental, secondary, and higher education provides opportunities for its citizens. With most schools being state-run and free, Luxembourg ensures accessibility and inclusivity in education, making schooling mandatory from ages 4 to 16.

The government’s initiatives, such as free public schooling for all children, financial support for education, and a focus on providing opportunities for youth to integrate into society, highlight Luxembourg’s holistic approach to education and societal development.

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5- Ireland

Ireland is the 5th most educated country globally with an impressive tertiary education rate of 62.88%. This achievement is also a testament to Ireland’s strong economy, which has enabled substantial investments in education. 

The Irish government’s commitment to education and educational initiatives has played a significant role in elevating the country’s educational standards. One of the best aspects is that Ireland’s well-developed education system stands out not only for its quality but for diversity as well.  

Irish universities consistently rank among the best globally and attract students from around the world seeking top-tier education. The country’s long-term beneficial strategies, government support for education, world-class educational institutions, and thriving economy have collectively contributed to Ireland’s status as a global leader in education. 

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6- United Kingdom

The United Kingdom also stands out as one of the most educated nations, with an impressive literacy rate of 99%, and a tertiary education attainment rate of 57.47%.   

The primary and secondary education systems aim to provide students with a strong foundation in core subjects while encouraging critical thinking and creativity. 

The presence of prestigious and globally top-ranked institutes like the University of Oxford, and the University of Cambridge further contributes to the development of a highly skilled and intellectual population. 

7- Lithuania 

Lithuania is recognized as one of the most educated countries globally, with a tertiary education rate of 57.48%. Lithuania has emphasized multiple times on advanced learning opportunities. 

The country’s education system, characterized by its accessibility and compulsory nature for children between the ages of 6 or 7 and 16, demonstrates Lithuania’s commitment to providing quality education for all.  

Lithuania’s education system also encompasses vocational training to allow their children to commence vocational education at the age of 14. On the other hand, adult education programs in Lithuania allow individuals over 18 to continue their educational journey in general education schools. 

Education in Lithuania is not just a priority for the government but is deeply valued by society at large which reflects a collective dedication to knowledge acquisition and intellectual growth.
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8- Netherlands 

As the ninth most educated country in the world, the Netherlands has a tertiary education rate of 55.60%. The country’s education system is structured to cater to different age groups, with elementary school serving children between the ages of four and twelve, and secondary education being compulsory until the age of 18.

The higher education system in the Netherlands is renowned for its quality and accessibility, with a significant portion taught entirely in English. The Netherlands is also distinguished for its high-quality higher education, affordable tuition fees, and cost of living compared to English-speaking countries. 

The Netherlands’ education system and structure are empowering its individuals to unlock their potential and contribute meaningfully to a rapidly evolving world. 

9- Norway

One of Norway’s most important educational assets is its remarkable 100% literacy rate, which ranks it among the world’s most literate nations. The education system of Norway is characterized by its accessibility, high quality, and principles. Norway has a tertiary education rate of 55.03%. 

The Norwegian government also places a strong emphasis on offering free education for all citizens, from early childhood through university level regardless of their socio-economic background. 

This commitment to universal education has played a pivotal role in contributing to Norway’s high literacy rates and overall educational attainment.

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10- Australia

Australia stands out as one of the most educated countries in the world, with a strong emphasis on providing quality education and developing a highly skilled workforce. 

The literacy rate of Australia is 99% which highlights the nation’s commitment to literacy and learning. In terms of tertiary education, Australia has a tertiary education rate of 54% among individuals aged 25 to 34 years. 

Approximately 3.95 million students nationwide are enrolled in both public and private schools. In 2018, according to the PISA ranking, Australian students achieved high scores in international assessments, with an average of 503 in reading, 494 in math, and 502 in science.


The list of the most educated countries in the world represents a diverse group of nations that prioritize education as a fundamental pillar of societal development and economic growth. From South Korea’s impressive tertiary education rate to Australia’s commitment to a well-developed education system, each country on the list demonstrates a strong dedication to providing accessible, high-quality learning opportunities for its citizens. 

These nations stand out for their investment in education, innovation, and research, contributing to their global prominence in various fields. The common thread among these countries is their shared commitment to lifelong learning, inclusivity, and academic excellence.


1- Which is the Most Educated Country in the World in 2024?

South Korea is the most educated country across the globe due to its tertiary education rate and overall education structure. 

2- What is the Cheapest Country to Study in Europe?

Germany is the cheapest country to study in Europe. Most of its public universities offer tuition-free education. 

3- Which Country has the Highest Quality Education?

The United States has the best education system in the world. 

4- Why the United States is Best for Education? 

The United States is the best place for education due to its Quality education system, unique curriculum, multicultural environment, and multiple opportunities. 

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