Countries With the Most Powerful Passports in 2024

In a world where borders are both a connection and a divide, the power of a passport becomes a key to global exploration. Ranked among the top, these passports redefine travel possibilities. They offer not just entry but an invitation to diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences. Visa-free access, eVisa options, and visa-on-arrival privileges paint a picture of a seamless journey across borders.

Top 20 Powerful Passports in the World

  • Spain 
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • Italy 
  • France 
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Czechia 
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Luxembourg
  • Japan
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Ireland
  • Poland 

1- Spain 

Spain’s passport is ranked 1st globally, scoring 90.36, offering access to 106 visa-free destinations. Spanish passport holders can travel easily with 11 eTAs (Electronic Travel Authorization) and 30 visa-on-arrival options. It provides 18 eVisa possibilities, showcasing Spain’s commitment to digital convenience. Even in countries requiring a visa, access to 18 destinations is maintained. Notably, there are no entry bans, making the Spanish passport a key to seamless global exploration.

2- Germany

At 90.26, Germany’s passport is second in the world and allows entry to 106 countries without the need for a visa. It guarantees easy foreign travel with 11 eTAs and 29 possibilities for obtaining a visa upon arrival. Germany stresses digital ease with 19 eVisa options. Access to eighteen locations is allowed, even in countries where a visa is required. 

3- Singapore

Singapore’s passport ranks third in the world with a score of 90.21. It allows entry to 156 countries without the need for a visa. Travel is made easier with its impressive 29 visa-on-arrival options. Singapore has thirteen options for eVisas and places a high priority on them. 

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4- Italy 

Italy’s passport, with a score of 90.15, ranks fourth in the world and allows entry to 107 countries without the need for a visa. To further highlight its flexibility, the Italian passport offers 27 choices for acquiring a visa upon arrival. Italy also offers 20 possibilities for eVisas. This demonstrates Italy’s dedication to providing easy access to other countries, which makes it an invaluable resource for frequent travelers. 

5- France 

France, holding the 5th position globally with a solid score of 90.03, boasts a passport opening doors to 103 visa-free destinations. Remarkably, it offers eTA requirements for 11 places and doesn’t impose an entry ban. With 28 visa-on-arrival options and a commitment to eVisas for 20 nations, France ensures hassle-free international travel for its passport holders.

6- Netherlands

The Netherlands, securing the 6th spot with a score of 89.67, offers its passport holders access to 108 visa-free destinations. Notably, it extends electronic travel authorizations (eTA) for 10 places. Providing visa-on-arrival services for 28 countries and embracing eVisas for 21 nations, the Netherlands ensures a seamless travel experience for its citizens. 

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7- Finland

Finland holds the 7th position with an impressive score of 89.33. Finnish passport grants access to 106 visa-free destinations. With 10 nations offering electronic travel authorizations (eTA), Finnish passport holders benefit from streamlined entry processes. Moreover, Finland facilitates visa-on-arrival for 28 nations and embraces eVisas for 20 countries, ensuring a smooth journey for its citizens. 

8- Sweden 

Sweden’s powerful passport secures the 8th spot with a score of 89.07. Offering access to 105 visa-free destinations ensures global mobility for Swedish citizens. The passport streamlines entry procedures with 10 countries permitting electronic travel authorizations (eTA). The Swedish passport facilitates visa-on-arrival for 28 countries and 20 nations accept eVisas, demonstrating the passport’s effectiveness in promoting hassle-free international travel.

9- Denmark

Denmark’s passport secures the 9th position with a score of 88.88. Danish citizens enjoy access to 136 visa-free destinations. Boasting 10 countries with electronic travel authorizations (eTA), it simplifies entry processes. Denmark’s passport also offers 28 visa-on-arrival destinations. The passport additionally facilitates entry to 20 countries through eVisas. 

10- Hungary

Hungary’s passport ranks 10th with a commendable score of 88.86, opening doors to 101 visa-free destinations. Offering access to 11 eTA countries, it eases travel for its citizens. The passport provides visa-on-arrival for 31 countries. With 21 nations accepting eVisas, Hungary’s passport ensures a smooth and convenient travel experience. 

11- Czechia

Czechia’s passport ranks 11th globally with a score of 88.84, offering access to 104 visa-free destinations. With 10 eTAs and 31 visa-on-arrival options, it makes international travel convenient. The passport emphasizes digital ease with 20 eVisa possibilities. Czechia’s commitment to providing its citizens with a powerful passport reflects its dedication to smooth journeys across borders. 

12- Norway

Norway’s passport holds the 12th global position with a score of 88.80, granting access to 106 visa-free destinations. It boasts 10 eTAs and 29 visa-on-arrival options. With 20 eVisa possibilities, Norway emphasizes the convenience of digital processes and offers smooth travel for its passport holders. 

13- Portugal 

Portugal’s passport is securing the 13th spot globally with a score of 88.75 and opens doors to 104 visa-free destinations. With 11 eTAs and 28 visa-on-arrival options, it ensures trouble-free international travel. It also offers 21 eVisa possibilities. Portugal’s determination to enable easy and free travel is reflected in its traveling protocols. 

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14- Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s passport holds the 14th position globally, scoring 88.62 and granting access to 105 visa-free destinations. This passport offers 10 eTAs and 30 visa-on-arrival options. Boasting 19 eVisa possibilities, Luxembourg underscores the benefits of digital processes. Luxembourg’s commitment to providing its citizens with a robust passport reflects its policies to facilitate smooth and unrestricted travel.  

15- Japan

Japan’s passport secures the 15th global position with a score of 88.55, providing access to 142 visa-free destinations. Notably, Japan stands out with 9 eTAs, 19 eVisa and 36 visa-on-arrival options. Japan showcases a passport designed for seamless international travel. The strength lies in its extensive visa-free network, allowing Japanese citizens to explore a myriad of countries effortlessly, promoting cultural exchange and global understanding through the passport’s facilitative power. 

16- Austria

Ranked 16th globally, Austria’s passport scores 88.49. It facilitates travel to 104 visa-free destinations. With 10 eTAs and 30 visa-on-arrival options, it guarantees smooth international travel. Austria provides digital convenience with 20 eVisa possibilities. The Austrian passport symbolizes ease of travel, reflecting the nation’s commitment to international cooperation and promoting cultural exchange through access to multiple destinations. 

17- Switzerland

Securing the 17th position globally, Switzerland’s passport with a score of 88.45 opens doors to 103 visa-free destinations. This passport provides 11 eTAs and 31 visa-on-arrival options. Switzerland spotlights digital convenience with 20 eVisa possibilities. With a comprehensive visa-free network, Switzerland encourages its citizens to travel to multiple countries, facilitating cultural exchange and diplomatic ties across the globe. 

18- Belgium

Belgium’s passport scores 88.42, placing it in the top 18 passports worldwide. Belgium’s passport grants access to 106 visa-free destinations. With 10 eTAs and 28 visa-on-arrival options, it verifies convenient international travel. It prioritizes digital ease with 21 eVisa possibilities. With a strong visa-free network, this passport serves as a testament to the country’s commitment to international openness and diplomacy. 

19- Ireland

Irish passport stands at 19th globally with a score of 88.42, providing access to 111 visa-free destinations. Offering 10 eTAs and 34 visa-on-arrival options, the Irish passport guarantees easy-going international travel. This passport is also granting 19 eVisa possibilities. The Irish passport shows the country’s approach to diplomacy and accessibility.

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20- Poland 

Poland’s passport secures the 20th position with a score of 88.24. The Polish passport grants access to 101 visa-free destinations. With 10 eTAs and 30 visa-on-arrival options, this passport facilitates a smooth traveling process. It stands out with 22 eVisa possibilities, showcasing Poland’s adherence to digital functionalities.  


When it comes to international travel, these top 20 strong passports are like keys that unlock a world of possibilities. Every passport, from Spain to Poland, is more than just a piece of paper; it’s a doorway to a world of different experiences and civilizations. These nations, which have high rankings and broad visa-free travel, encourage a sense of transparency and community. 

It’s evidence of how much these countries cherish international relations, facilitating travel and highlighting the common ideals of global collaboration. In an increasingly linked world, these passports are essential to creating a future. 


What Makes a Passport Powerful?

A passport’s power is determined by its score, indicating the number of visa-free destinations and other travel privileges. 

How to Get a Spanish Passport? 

To be eligible for a Spanish passport, a person has to have lived legally in Spain for at least ten years and possess the appropriate residence permit. 

How is the Passport Score Calculated?

The passport score is based on the number of visa-free entries, eTAs, visa-on-arrival options, and other travel-related factors.

How often is the passport ranking updated?

Passport rankings are periodically updated based on changes in international travel agreements and visa policies. 

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