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Top 10 Oldest Companies in the World in 2024

Throughout history, there have been institutions that have stood the test of time and come to symbolize the perseverance of human endeavor. These businesses, which have come from humble beginnings to international renown, have weathered the turbulent waves of history, enduring wars, economic upheaval, and revolutionary technical breakthroughs. Their unwavering commitment has irrevocably etched itself into history, encapsulating the essence of tenacity and inventiveness. These ancient establishments have shaped business and culture throughout centuries of hardships and victories, serving as pillars of strength and tenacity. It serves as a reminder of the amazing ability of human endeavor to survive and prosper in the face of the always shifting tides of time, as we wonder at their durability and legacy.

List of the Top 10 Oldest Companies in the World

  1. Kongo Gumi 
  2. Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan 
  3. St. Peter Stifts Kulinarium 
  4. Sean’s Bar 
  5. Staffelter Hof 
  6. Monnaie de Paris 
  7. The Royal Mint 
  8. Tanaka Iga 
  9. Genda Shigyō Paper Industries 
  10. Fonderia Pontificia Marinelli

1. Kongo Gumi 

Kongo Gumi is the oldest continuously functioning corporation in the world. It was established in Osaka, Japan, in 578 AD. Kongo Gumi, whose lineage extends over 1,400 years and embodies the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship and tradition, specializes in the construction of temples and shrines.

Since its founding, Kongo Gumi has been instrumental in safeguarding Japan’s architectural legacy by helping to build many temples and shrines all around the nation. The organization has maintained its generations-old appreciation for heritage and painstaking craftsmanship in every endeavor.

Kongo Gumi has sustained its dedication to quality and cultural preservation in the face of centuries-long change and new difficulties. Its continuous success may be ascribed to a confluence of expert craftsmen, traditional methods, and a profound regard for Japan’s rich architectural legacy.

Kongo Gumi is still thriving today as evidence of the tenacity and resilience of human endeavor. The firm is a living example of Japan’s old customs and the spirit of workmanship that endures throughout generations as it enters its 1,500th year of existence.

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2. Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan 

Situated in the serene highlands of Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is the world’s oldest hotel still in operation today. This ancient enterprise, which was established in 705 AD, has been welcoming visitors for more than 1,300 years and provides a tranquil haven amidst scenic surroundings and natural hot springs.

Providing tired tourists with rest and renewal in the curative waters of its historic hot springs, Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan has, from its founding, embodied the spirit of Japanese hospitality. The inn transports visitors to a realm of peace and tranquility by maintaining its classic architecture and ageless beauty over the ages.

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is a symbol of continuity and cultural history, even in the face of changing times and the hotel industry’s progress. Its ability to smoothly combine antiquated customs with contemporary amenities, providing visitors with a historically and traditionally rich Japanese experience, is the reason for its lasting appeal.

3. St. Peter Stifts Kulinarium 

One of the oldest continually running businesses in the world is St. Peter Stifts Kulinarium, which is located in the center of Salzburg, Austria. Established in the year 803 AD by Benedictine monks inside St. Peter’s Abbey, this ancient restaurant has endured for more than 1,200 years and represents the abundant culinary legacy of Austria.

St. Peter Stifts Kulinarium has been a champion of culinary quality since its founding, delighting guests with its fine dining and historic setting. Located inside the walls of an ancient monastery, the restaurant provides patrons with a distinctive, elegant, and traditional eating experience.

St. Peter Stifts Kulinarium, renowned for its culinary artistry and dedication to quality, is still a beloved institution in Salzburg, even after centuries of changing historical tides. Its continuing history is evidence of both the classic charm of good dining and the resilient spirit of enterprise.

4. Sean’s Bar 

The world’s oldest tavern, Sean’s Bar, is proudly located in Athlone, Ireland, tucked along the banks of the River Shannon. This famous building, which has been around for more than a century and can be traced back to 900 AD, is a symbol of Ireland’s rich cultural legacy.

Having a cozy ambiance and classic Irish friendliness, Sean’s Bar has been a popular meeting spot for both residents and visitors since its modest origins as a medieval tavern. The bar, which is steeped in mythology and history, has seen decades of celebration, humor, and friendship.

Time and change haven’t diminished the beloved institution that is Sean’s Bar in Athlone; people still like it for its charm and genuineness. Its beaten walls whisper stories of bygone Ireland, and its hearty food and boisterous music never fail to bring people in from all around.

As a tribute to the continuing spirit of Irish pub culture and the everlasting allure of community and conviviality, Sean’s Bar continues to stand today. As guests raise a glass in celebration of its endurance, they honor not just a revered custom that has been carried down through the years but also a historic monument.

5. Staffelter Hof 

One of the oldest vineyards in the world, Staffelter Hof, is proudly located in the charming German town of Kröv. Established in 862 AD, this esteemed enterprise has endured for more than 1150 years, encapsulating the abundant wine legacy of the Mosel area.

Since its founding, Staffelter Hof has stood for the pinnacle of winemaking skill, crafting well-recognized wines that distinctly capture the Mosel Valley’s terroir. The winery’s selections, which range from crisp Rieslings to beautiful Pinot Noirs, perfectly convey the rich vineyards and long-standing customs of the area.

Staffelter Hof’s dedication to quality and workmanship has not wavered throughout the ages or the advancement of winemaking methods. Nestled beneath the undulating hills of Kröv, its old cellars serve as a testament to decades of ingenuity and tradition in winemaking. Given its remarkable vintages and rich history, Staffelter Hof still enthralls wine fans today, welcoming them to take a trip through the evolution of German winemaking.

6. Monnaie de Paris 

One of the oldest mints in the world still in operation is Monnaie de Paris, which is proudly located in the center of the French city. This esteemed establishment, which was founded in 864 AD by King Charles the Bald, has been influencing coinage history for more than 1,150 years and represents France’s rich numismatic legacy.

Producing coins and medals that honor the cultural and historical significance of France, the Monnaie de Paris has been a symbol of French workmanship and brilliance since its founding. The mint’s products have had a lasting impression on the history of numismatics, ranging from iconic emblems of liberty and equality to regal insignias.

Monnaie de Paris is unwavering in its dedication to quality and innovation, even in the face of centuries-long change and the introduction of contemporary technologies. It continues to create coins and medals of extraordinary beauty and accuracy by fusing ancient methods with state-of-the-art technology in its historic studios situated along the banks of the Seine.

As a defender of French heritage, Monnaie de Paris upholds its tradition today, welcoming guests to tour its ancient grounds and take in the craftsmanship of coinage up close.

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7. The Royal Mint 

The Royal Mint, which was established in 886 AD, is a symbol of perseverance whose influence has spanned centuries of British history. It was first used by Alfred the Great as a way to standardize coinage, which was essential for a country recovering from the turmoil caused by Viking invasions. The Mint changed with the kingdom, growing from its modest origins in the Tower of London to meet the needs of the times.

It endured several hardships over time, such as changes in the political landscape, advances in technology, and variations in the economy. The Mint persisted in spite of these obstacles, retaining its status as the cornerstone of the British monetary system.

The Royal Mint has a long history of being at the forefront of innovation, developing cutting-edge methods for metalworking and coin manufacturing. Its expert artisans have created coins for kings and countries all across the world, with each piece serving as a status and authority symbol.

Being the oldest business in the world, the Royal Mint is still thriving today, using cutting-edge technology while maintaining its high standards of quality. Its impact goes well beyond the field of numismatics; it has had a significant impact on the development of the British economy and beyond.

8. Tanaka Iga 

Founded in AD 885, Tanaka Iga is one of the oldest corporations in Japan to remain in continuous operation, with a unique millennium-long history. Tanaka Iga was a modest maker of “Iga-yaki,” a type of traditional Japanese pottery famous for its unique design and workmanship when he first settled in the little town of Iga in Mie Prefecture.

Tanaka Iga maneuvered through the turbulent history of Japan over the ages, adjusting to shifts in the country’s society, economics, and technology. The firm persisted in its commitment to preserve the craftsmanship of Iga-yaki pottery in the face of many obstacles, such as wars, natural catastrophes, and changes in the economy.

Tanaka Iga has a distinguished reputation both locally and abroad thanks to its dedication to quality and tradition; its pottery is valued for its distinctive aesthetic and cultural importance. With time, the business increased the range of products it offered to include a variety of ceramics and home furnishings that were all painstakingly made with the same level of care.

Tanaka Iga is a living link to Japan’s rich cultural past and a symbol of resiliency and legacy today. As it approaches its twelfth century of existence, the corporation upholds its ancient customs while welcoming innovation to be relevant in the contemporary period.
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9. Genda Shigyō Paper Industries 

Genda Shigyō Paper Industries, which dates back to 771 AD, is the oldest continually operational enterprise in Japan. Genda Shigyō was founded in the Nara era of Japanese history as a little paper mill tucked away in the lush woodlands of what is now Nara Prefecture. The company’s original goal was to create fine handmade paper, or “washi,” by employing age-old methods that had been handed down through the centuries.

Genda Shigyō Paper Industries has endured several hardships throughout the course of its long history, including natural catastrophes, wars, and economic upheavals. In spite of these obstacles, the business persisted, exhibiting incredible flexibility and persistence. Its flourishing for over a millennium has been made possible by its dedication to quality and the preservation of traditional skills.

Artists, calligraphers, and craftspeople all recognize and appreciate the extraordinary quality and variety of Genda Shigyō’s handcrafted washi. The company’s paper goods, which are utilized for everyday objects, artwork, and traditional ceremonies, have contributed significantly to Japan’s cultural legacy in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

Entering its thirteenth century of business, Genda Shigyō Paper Industries is a living example of the skill and tradition that have endured throughout time, and it is profoundly ingrained in Japanese history and culture. As a steward of Japan’s traditional papermaking legacy, the firm maintains its acclaimed status through its unrelenting attention to quality and innovation.

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10. Fonderia Pontificia Marinelli

Fonderia Pontificia Marinelli is the world’s oldest continually running business, with a rich history that dates back to the year 1000 AD. This family-run foundry in Agnone, Italy, has been producing bells for more than a millennium. It has created some of the most recognizable and resounding bells that can be seen in cathedrals, churches, and other establishments all over the world.

Fonderia Pontificia Marinelli was established as a modest business making bells for nearby churches in the Middle Ages. Through the ages, it developed into a globally recognized hub for the production of bells, combining age-old skills with cutting-edge technology to produce bells with unmatched acoustics and quality.

The Marinelli family has persevered in maintaining the craft of bell-making in the face of several wars, political upheavals, and economic difficulties. Fonderia Pontificia Marinelli creates masterpieces out of bells that are painstakingly made using traditional methods that have been passed down through the ages.

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We are reminded of the continuing heritage of human invention and entrepreneurship when we consider the extraordinary longevity of these highly esteemed organizations. A chapter in the colorful story of human civilization is represented by every business, from the calm ambiance of vintage inns to the busy workshops of historic mints. Remarkable in today’s world, these establishments are dynamic monuments to the ageless values of artistry, heritage, and creativity. With their ability to weave a story that is timeless, they serve as a powerful reminder of the enormous effects of tenacity and commitment throughout generations. They set the stage for a future based on the lasting principles of excellence and resilience by serving as stewards of history and legacy, inspiring respect for the past.


Which Company is the Oldest in the World?

Following the construction of the Shitennō-ji temple as its inaugural project, Kongō Gumi was founded in 578 and has been in business for an astounding 1445 years, making it the oldest enterprise in the world.

What Is America’s Oldest Operating Company?

In America, the Shirley Plantation is the oldest business. It started operations in 1638, which is about 400 years ago.

Why Are Companies in Japan So Old?

Ten-year Silicon Valley employee Hara believes that a big part of why so many Japanese companies are so successful over the long term is because they prioritize sustainability above rapid profit maximization.

Which UK Corporation is the Oldest?

The Royal Mint (founded in AD 886) With a history spanning more than a millennium, the Royal Mint is without a doubt one of the oldest companies in the United Kingdom.

Which Indian Firm is the Oldest?

The Mumbai-based Wadia Group is a global company of Indian origin that was established in Surat. It was created in 1736 by Lovji Nusserwanjee Wadia and is the oldest company in India. Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited, one of its subsidiaries, was the first Indian corporation to go public in 1863.

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