Top 17 Places to Visit in Strasbourg in 2024

Strasbourg, a French city bordering Germany, beckons with its unique blend of Franco-Germanic culture and rich history. Renowned as the seat of European institutions, including the European Parliament, it’s a symbol of international cooperation. Boasting architectural marvels like Strasbourg Cathedral, charming canals of La Petite France, and a thriving cultural scene, Strasbourg exudes old-world charm while embracing modernity, making it a captivating destination for history enthusiasts and contemporary travelers alike. 

17 Best places to Visit in Strasbourg

  • Strasbourg Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg)
  • La Petite France
  • Palais Rohan
  • European Parliament
  • Barrage Vauban
  • Ponts Couverts (Covered Bridges)
  • Strasbourg Museums
  • St. Thomas Church (Église Saint-Thomas)
  • Strasbourg Opera House (Opéra national du Rhin)
  • Parc de l’Orangerie
  • Biking Trails
  • Historic Libraries and Archives
  • Spas and Wellness Centers
  • Live Music Venues
  • Cocktail Bars and Craft Beer Places
  • Church of St. Pierre-le-Jeune
  • Place Kléber

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1- Strasbourg Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg)

Strasbourg Cathedral, the illustrious Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, stands as a premier destination enriched with diverse attractions for visitors. Its awe-inspiring Gothic architecture invites admiration and offers various activities within its historic walls. Visitors can embark on a guided tour to delve into its rich history, marvel at the stunning stained-glass windows, and witness the mechanical wonder of the astronomical clock.

Climbing to the cathedral’s top rewards adventurers with breathtaking panoramic views of Strasbourg, a photographer’s dream and a memorable experience for all. The cathedral frequently hosts organ concerts and musical performances, offering cultural enrichment amidst its grandeur.

For those seeking spiritual solace, the cathedral’s tranquil ambiance provides a serene retreat for reflection and contemplation. Its central location in Strasbourg’s historic district also allows visitors to explore nearby attractions, charming streets, and delightful cafes after immersing themselves in the cathedral’s architectural magnificence. Strasbourg Cathedral truly offers enriching activities and attractions, making it a must-visit for every traveler.

2- La Petite France

La Petite France emerges as Strasbourg’s enchanting gem, captivating visitors with its picturesque canals, timbered houses, and charming cobblestone streets. Renowned for its postcard-perfect beauty, this historic district offers every visitor an array of activities and attractions.

Exploring La Petite France involves strolling along the scenic waterways, admiring the quaint half-timbered houses adorned with vibrant flowers. Visitors can delve into the district’s rich history at the Historical Museum, learning about its past as a bustling tanning district.

The area’s vibrant ambiance invites photography enthusiasts to capture every picturesque corner. Dining along the canal-side restaurants offers a chance to savor Alsatian cuisine while soaking in the charming atmosphere.

Boat tours provide a unique perspective, allowing travelers to view La Petite France’s beauty from the water. The district is near Strasbourg Cathedral and other historic landmarks, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the city’s cultural riches. 

3- Palais Rohan

Palais Rohan is an architectural marvel and cultural treasure in Strasbourg, inviting visitors into a world of luxury and history. Its grandeur and diverse attractions make it a premier destination for exploration and enrichment.

The palace hosts three museums: the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Archaeological Museum. Each museum showcases exquisite collections, including paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, and historical artifacts. Visitors are immersed in a journey through art and history, marveling at masterpieces from various periods.

Guided tours provide deeper insights into the palace’s history and significance, allowing visitors to appreciate its architectural details and learn about the lives of the nobility who once resided within its walls. Palais Rohan stands as a testament to Strasbourg’s rich cultural heritage, making it a captivating and essential stop for any traveler.

4- European Parliament

The European Parliament in Strasbourg stands as a representation of international governance and a hub for political discourse, offering visitors a unique and insightful experience of the workings of the European Union. 

Visitors can partake in guided tours to explore the Parliament’s architecture, learn about the EU’s functions, and gain a deeper understanding of European politics. Interactive exhibits and informative sessions provide insights into the EU’s history, decision-making processes, and its role in shaping policies that impact millions of people across Europe. 

Attending parliamentary sessions or committee meetings, open to the public, allows visitors to witness democracy in action and observe debates on pressing European issues. The Hemicycle, the Parliament’s debating chamber, offers a profound experience where visitors can sit in the seats of MEPs, simulating their role and gaining a closer understanding of the legislative process.

5- Barrage Vauban

Barrage Vauban, a historical masterpiece in Strasbourg, holds a unique allure for visitors seeking a blend of history and panoramic beauty. Constructed in the 17th century by military engineer Vauban, this architectural gem served as part of the city’s fortifications and now stands as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visitors are drawn to the barrage for its impressive structure and its dual role as a bridge and a defensive dam. Its tunnels and passages reveal fascinating exhibitions detailing Strasbourg’s history and the engineering behind this strategic structure. 

The terrace atop the barrage offers breathtaking views of the city and the River Ill, creating an ideal spot for capturing memorable photographs. Boasting a prime location near Petite France, visitors can easily combine their visit to the Barrage Vauban with a stroll through the picturesque canals and timbered houses nearby.

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6- Ponts Couverts (Covered Bridges)

Ponts Couverts, the iconic Covered Bridges of Strasbourg, presents an appealing glimpse into the city’s medieval past, earning its status as a captivating attraction for visitors. Comprising three towers and four bridges, this historic site once served as a defensive structure protecting Strasbourg. 

Ponts Couverts offers a journey through time, allowing visitors to walk along the riverside and witness the leftovers of the city’s fortifications. The picturesque setting, with the bridges and towers reflected in the water, creates a photogenic atmosphere.

Ponts Couverts stands as a tangible link to Strasbourg’s medieval heritage, offering visitors a delightful blend of history, scenic beauty, and a gateway to further exploration of the city’s treasures. 

7- Strasbourg Museums

Strasbourg’s vibrant museum scene serves as a cultural experience for visitors who are keen on exploring art, history, and diverse collections. The city boasts an impressive array of museums, each offering a unique perspective on its rich heritage and artistic endeavors. 

The Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCS) showcases avant-garde artworks, while the Strasbourg Historical Museum delves into the city’s past through captivating exhibits and artifacts.

Art enthusiasts can marvel at masterpieces from various eras at the Strasbourg Fine Arts Museum, which houses an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. For those intrigued by archaeology, the Archaeological Museum provides an insightful journey through regional history.

Visitors can partake in guided tours, workshops, and temporary exhibitions, immersing themselves in a diverse cultural tapestry that celebrates Strasbourg’s history, artistry, and heritage. 

8- St. Thomas Church (Église Saint-Thomas)

St. Thomas Church (Église Saint-Thomas) in Strasbourg stands as an architectural and historical gem, enticing visitors with its striking beauty and rich heritage. This iconic church, known for its stunning facade and intricate Baroque interior, offers spiritual contemplation and architectural admiration.

Visitors can explore its exquisite stained glass windows, ornate sculptures, and the majestic Silbermann organ, renowned for its melodious tones. Attending a classical music concert within this divine setting adds a unique cultural dimension to the visit.

St. Thomas Church serves as a cultural and spiritual haven, blending history, architecture, and musicality, inviting visitors to experience a tranquil sanctuary amid Strasbourg’s bustling ambiance.

9- Strasbourg Opera House (Opéra national du Rhin)

The Strasbourg Opera House (Opéra national du Rhin) stands as a beacon of culture and artistic brilliance, entertaining visitors with its spectacular performances and architectural grandeur. Renowned for its diverse repertoire of opera, ballet, and classical concerts, it offers an immersive cultural experience. 

Visitors can attend world-class opera and ballet performances in the opulent theater adorned with stunning decor. Guided tours provide insights into the opera house’s history, architecture, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the productions.

With its rich program of artistic performances and guided tours revealing the magic behind the stage, the Strasbourg Opera House offers a delightful rendezvous for culture enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of artistic excellence in the heart of the city.

10- Parc de l’Orangerie

Parc de l’Orangerie stands as a verdant oasis in Strasbourg, inviting visitors to revel in its beauty and diverse attractions. The park offers an idyllic escape with its picturesque landscapes, lush gardens, and tranquil lakeside vistas.

Visitors can enjoy strolls amidst towering trees, explore the vibrant flower beds, or indulge in boat rides on the lake. The mini-zoo within the park adds to the charm, delighting families with its animals and playgrounds.

The park houses the Pavillon Joséphine, hosting cultural events and exhibitions, while the nearby historic Orangery Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience amid nature’s embrace. Parc de l’Orangerie provides a perfect blend of relaxation, recreation, and natural beauty, making it a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike.

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11- Biking Trails

Strasbourg’s biking trails offer a way to explore the city’s beauty and charm. The extensive network of cycling paths, including the scenic routes along the River Ill and through picturesque neighborhoods, allows visitors to discover the city at their own pace.

Cycling enthusiasts can rent bikes and embark on leisurely rides, passing iconic landmarks like Strasbourg Cathedral and La Petite France. The trails offer a perfect blend of exercise and sightseeing, allowing visitors to soak in the city’s architectural splendor, lush greenery, and vibrant ambiance while enjoying a healthy and eco-friendly mode of transportation. 

12- Historic Libraries and Archives

Strasbourg’s historic libraries and archives stand as treasure troves of knowledge and heritage, offering visitors a journey through centuries of learning and history. The Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire de Strasbourg, renowned for its extensive collection, showcases rare manuscripts, ancient texts, and historical documents.

Visitors can explore the library’s exhibitions, attend lectures, and delve into the archives, discovering the city’s intellectual legacy. The Strasbourg Municipal Library also invites visitors to peruse its impressive collection and attend literary events.

These historic institutions offer a memorable experience, allowing visitors to connect with the city’s cultural heritage, and fostering a deeper appreciation for Strasbourg’s scholarly and literary contributions. 

13- Spas and Wellness Centers

Spas and wellness centers in Strasbourg provide havens for visitors seeking relaxation and revitalization. Offering an array of treatments, from soothing massages to invigorating spa therapies, these centers prioritize wellness and self-care.

Visitors can indulge in luxurious spa treatments, unwind in saunas or steam rooms, and immerse themselves in restfulness amid the city’s hustle. Some wellness centers boast rooftop pools with panoramic views, providing a serene escape.

Yoga and meditation classes cater to wellness enthusiasts. These centers offer a serene retreat, inviting visitors to unwind, recharge, and pamper themselves amidst Strasbourg’s vibrant energy. 

14- Live Music Venues

Live music venues in Strasbourg offer vibrant and immersive experiences, making them essential destinations for visitors seeking entertainment and cultural enrichment. These venues showcase diverse musical genres, from classical orchestras to contemporary bands, captivating audiences with stellar performances.

Visitors can attend concerts featuring local and international artists, embracing the city’s thriving music scene. Some venues host open mic nights or jam sessions, inviting participation and fostering a dynamic atmosphere.

The lively ambiance and diverse musical offerings create an electric atmosphere, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the city’s cultural values and enjoy memorable evenings filled with captivating rhythms and melodies. 

15- Cocktail Bars and Craft Beer Places

Strasbourg’s cocktail bars and craft beer places offer a vibrant nightlife scene, enticing visitors with innovative concoctions and artisanal brews. These places showcase cocktails, locally brewed beers, and unique drinks.

Visitors can enjoy mixology workshops, learn the art of crafting cocktails, or indulge in beer tastings, discovering a range of flavors. Some venues host live music or themed events, creating a lively atmosphere for socializing.

These bars offer a perfect setting for entertainment after exploring the city, allowing visitors to savor delightful beverages and mingle with locals and fellow travelers, making for memorable nights in Strasbourg. 

16- Church of St. Pierre-le-Jeune

The Church of St. Pierre-le-Jeune stands as a historical and architectural gem in Strasbourg, attracting visitors with its beauty and rich heritage. This Romanesque and Gothic masterpiece offers a serene ambiance for spiritual reflection and admiration of its intricate design. 

Visitors can marvel at the church’s stunning stained glass windows, ornate sculptures, and serene interior. Guided tours provide further insights into its history and architectural significance. 

The church hosts cultural events, including classical music concerts, adding a melodic touch to the visit. St. Pierre-le-Jeune offers a sanctuary amid the city’s bustle, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its timeless elegance and historical allure.  

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17- Place Kléber 

Place Kléber serves as Strasbourg’s vibrant heart, captivating visitors with its bustling energy and diverse attractions. This central square offers a delightful blend of history, shopping, and entertainment.

Visitors can admire the grandeur of the Strasbourg Christmas Market held here, immersing themselves in the festive ambiance during the holiday season. The square hosts cultural events, outdoor performances, and art installations, adding dynamism to the city’s social scene.

Surrounded by shops, restaurants, and historical buildings, Place Kléber invites visitors to soak in its lively atmosphere, enjoy people-watching, and appreciate the vibrant spirit of Strasbourg pulsating through its bustling streets.


In Strasbourg, the fusion of history, culture, and modernity creates an enchanting experience. From the grandeur of Strasbourg Cathedral to the charm of La Petite France’s canals, each site narrates a chapter of the city’s rich heritage. Palais Rohan’s elegance, the European Parliament’s significance, and the historical resonance of Barrage Vauban and Ponts Couverts showcase the city’s diverse facets. 

The vibrant art scene in museums, the spiritual solace at St. Thomas Church, and the cultural indulgence at the Opera House paint a vivid picture. Strasbourg, with its myriad experiences, beckons visitors to revel in its timeless allure and contemporary vibrancy.


What is Strasbourg best known for?

Strasbourg is renowned for its stunning Gothic Cathedral, European institutions, picturesque canals of La Petite France, and its unique blend of French and Germanic culture.

Is Strasbourg worth visiting?

Absolutely! Strasbourg’s historic charm, stunning architecture, diverse culture, and European significance make it a must-visit destination for any traveler seeking beauty and cultural richness. 

What is unique about Strasbourg, France?

Strasbourg uniquely blends French and Germanic cultures, boasts a UNESCO-listed Old Town, hosts key European institutions, and showcases stunning Gothic architecture, making it a unique place for every visitor. 

What is the best month to visit Strasbourg, France?

The best time to visit Strasbourg is in spring (April to June) or early autumn (September to October) for pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and vibrant events like the Christmas markets in December.

Do people in Strasbourg speak English?

In Strasbourg, many people, especially in tourist areas, speak English. However, it’s helpful to learn a few basic French phrases as a courtesy when visiting. 

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