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Top 8 Richest Cities in Vermont in 2024

Vermont is home to some of the richest cities in the northeastern United States. These cities have a high average household income and if you want to live here, you have to save a lot of money. Here is the list of the 8 richest cities in Vermont. 

List of 8 Richest Cities in Vermont

  1. Essex Junction
  2. South Burlington
  3. Montpelier
  4. Burlington
  5. Winooski
  6. Vergennes
  7. Swanton
  8. Morrisville

1) Essex Junction

The thriving city of Essex Junction, Vermont, which is located in Chittenden County, has grown into a prosperous sanctuary. This city has a rich history that dates back to the early 19th century and has grown from its agricultural origins to become a major economic center. Essex Junction, home to more than 11,000 people today, has a luxurious feel to it because of its well-kept neighborhoods and first-class facilities.

The strong technology industry in the city, driven by major semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries, is the cornerstone of its economic strength. This titan of the industry has made significant investments in the local economy, helping to explain Essex Junction’s remarkable median household income of over $92,589.

Essex Junction has a good standard of living besides economic prosperity, which is highlighted by its beautiful scenery and active cultural environment. Residents have access to first-rate educational institutions, leisure centers, and a vibrant downtown filled with upscale dining establishments and charming stores.

One of the wealthiest cities in Vermont, Essex Junction never fails to draw in professionals and families looking for a good mix of opportunities for employment and beautiful surroundings. This city continues to be a shining example of wealth in the Green Mountain State because of its persistent dedication to innovation and community development.

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2) South Burlington

Located on the banks of Lake Champlain, South Burlington, Vermont, is a shining example of wealth and development. Since its founding in 1865, this city has grown remarkably, becoming one of the wealthiest communities in the state. South Burlington, home to more than 21,000 people, is the epitome of contemporary luxury. South Burlington boasts a median household income surpassing $90,410.

The varied economic environment of the city is supported by a strong combination of sectors, including retail, education, healthcare, and technology. Notably, the Burlington International Airport, a crucial hub for regional transportation, is located in South Burlington. The University of Vermont Medical Center and other large firms, such as Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, are located in the city, which further enhances its economic prosperity.

The varied economic environment of the city is supported by a strong combination of sectors, including retail, education, healthcare, and technology. Notably, the Burlington International Airport, a crucial hub for regional transportation, is located in South Burlington. 

3) Montpelier

The charming capital city of Vermont, Montpelier, is situated among the state’s undulating hills and serves as a symbol of the unique blend of tradition and prosperity. Founded in 1781, Montpelier is the least populous capital of the country, yet its charm and energy considerably outweigh its diminutive size. Montpelier is home to more than 7,900 people and is the perfect example of a close-knit community combined with economic vibrancy.

Despite having a small population, Montpelier has a strong economy that is fueled by the public sector, the medical field, and the expanding tourism sector. The city’s various government offices and agencies, along with its status as the home of Vermont’s state government, greatly enhance the city’s economic vibrancy. Central Vermont Medical Center, one of the top hospitals in the area, is also located in Montpelier. 

The city’s median household income is more than $76,143, which reflects the stability and wealth of its citizens’ finances. Historic structures, specialized stores, and charming cafes beautify Montpelier’s downtown, fostering a lively environment that draws both residents and tourists.

Beyond its economic might, Montpelier provides people with a high standard of living that is enhanced by the area’s rich cultural diversity and scenic beauty. For those looking for a peaceful fusion of tradition and modernity in the center of Vermont, Montpelier continues to be a sought-after destination because of its abundance of outdoor recreational options, which include hiking, skiing, and kayaking, as well as its flourishing arts scene and well-regarded schools.

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4) Burlington

Situated on the eastern bank of Lake Champlain, Burlington is the biggest city in Vermont and a thriving hub of business, culture, and innovation. Established in 1763, Burlington has transformed from a thriving port town to a vibrant metropolis recognized for its affluent economy and high standard of living. Burlington, home to more than 44,000 people, is the perfect example of a contemporary city surrounded by stunning scenery.

The technology, healthcare, tourism, and education industries serve as the foundation of Burlington’s diversified and strong economy. A constant flow of research and innovation, as well as a highly educated workforce, are advantages of the city, which is home to Champlain College and the University of Vermont. Burlington’s economic vibrancy is greatly enhanced by major employers such as the University of Vermont Medical Center,, and Burton Snowboards.

The city’s median household income is more than $64,931, which reflects the wealth and financial stability of its citizens. The downtown area of Burlington is a hive of activity with a diverse range of restaurants, retail establishments, and cultural institutions that appeal to both residents and tourists.

Beyond its wealth, Burlington provides people with a good standard of living that is highlighted by its thriving arts community, a wealth of outdoor leisure options, and progressive ideals. Burlington’s dynamic urban experience amidst Vermont’s natural splendor continues to draw individuals and families with its gorgeous lakeside panoramas, vibrant local food culture, and commitment to sustainability.

5) Winooski

The city of Winooski, which is located on the banks of the Winooski River, is a symbol of Vermont’s modern revival and industrial past. Winooski, which was founded in 1922, has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis from its industrial origins to become a bustling metropolitan community. Winooski, which has a population of over 8,000, has a lively vibe and a strong sense of community.

A wide range of sectors, including technology, healthcare, and education, support the city’s economy. Winooski is home to the Fanny Allen Campus of the University of Vermont Medical Center, which offers healthcare services to the area, as well as the headquarters of MyWebGrocer, a prominent provider of digital grocery solutions.

The median household income in Winooski is more than $69,783, which reflects the prosperity and stability of the local economy. 

Beyond its economic prosperity, Winooski provides its citizens with a great standard of living that is typified by its picturesque riverfront, thriving arts scene, and strong feeling of community. 

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6) Vergennes

Despite being the oldest city in Vermont, having been founded in 1788, Vergennes has a timeless beauty that belies its location along the serene shores of Lake Champlain. This city has a population of more than 2,500.

A variety of businesses, including manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism, support the city’s economy. Vergennes has a long history of manufacturing, specializing in the creation of machinery, lumber, and textiles. The city’s closeness to Lake Champlain has also contributed to the growth of its tourism sector, as tourists are drawn to its picturesque waterfront, interesting historical monuments, and quaint downtown area.

Vergennes’s median household income is more than $72,171, which reflects the city’s stable and prosperous economy. The downtown part of the city is ornamented with cafes, boutique shops, and ancient buildings that have been conserved, making it a pleasant place for both locals and tourists to explore.

Besides its thriving economy, Vergennes provides its citizens with a good standard of living that is highlighted by its vibrant outdoor environment, welcoming neighborhood, and cultural offerings. Vergennes is still a popular destination for people looking for a peaceful, dreamlike existence in the center of Vermont because of its beautiful surroundings, fascinating history, and strong sense of community pride.

7) Swanton

Located on the placid banks of the Missisquoi River, Swanton is a peaceful haven within the picturesque surroundings of Vermont. This charming town, which was founded in 1763, has a long history that dates back to the first European settlers in the area. With more than 6,900 residents, Swanton has an enduring appeal that draws both tourists and locals.

Tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture are the main pillars of the town’s economy. Dairy farming is a major component of the local economy, and Swanton’s rich soil has long fostered a robust agricultural industry. The town also has manufacturing facilities that produce a wide range of commodities, from consumer goods to industrial machinery. Due to its advantageous location close to Lake Champlain, it also draws tourists who are looking for scenic beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities.

With a median household income above $73,365, Swanton’s citizens are prosperous and stable economically. The town’s downtown center is full of charming stores, ancient buildings, and little cafes that make the place feel welcoming to both inhabitants and tourists.

Swanton provides its citizens with a good standard of living that is highlighted by its thriving natural environment, tight-knit community, and leisure activities. 

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8) Morrisville

Morrisville is a classic New England town full of beauty and a strong sense of community in Vermont. This ancient town was founded in 1790 and has grown from its agrarian beginnings to become a thriving hub of trade and culture. Morrisville, home to more than 2,000 people, is the epitome of small-town charm and friendliness.

The town’s varied economy is bolstered by the manufacturing, healthcare, and tourist sectors. Morrisville, which has companies that specialize in food production and dairy processing, acts as a commercial center for the agricultural area around it. Copley Hospital, a preeminent medical facility in northern Vermont, is located in the town and makes a substantial economic contribution to the area.

Morrisville’s population is economically stable and prosperous, as seen by the city’s median household income of almost $63,339. Both residents and tourists will find the town’s lovely downtown district, which is dotted with locally owned stores, restaurants, and historic buildings, to be quaint and friendly.

Morrisville provides inhabitants with a great quality of life that is distinguished by its strong sense of community, recreational possibilities, and natural beauty, besides its economic success. 


The wealthiest cities in Vermont are examples of how to successfully combine economic success, cultural diversity, and scenic beauty. Every location provides its inhabitants with a different mix of activities and services. This blog lists all you need to know about the 8 richest cities in Vermont.


What Is the Best Part of Living in Vermont?

The best part about living in Vermont is its beautiful environment. The captivating landscapes and charming communities make Vermont an ideal place to visit or live. 

Are Houses in Vermont Expensive?

The price of homes varies according to the location, size, and facilities. The average median home price in Vermont is $380,433 which is not that expensive if compared to other states of the USA. 

What Is Vermont’s Richest Town?

Essex Junction is currently the richest town in Vermont with a median household income of over $92,589.

Is It Expensive to Live in Vermont?

Vermont is one of the most expensive states to live in the United States. The average home value of Vermont is about $332,149.

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