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Which Are the Safest Cities in Africa for 2024?

Africa is home to some of the best places to visit in the world. However, tourists are often afraid of crime rates in the region. If you also want to visit Africa but are afraid of increased crime rates, do not worry; we have the perfect solution for you. Here is a list of the 10 safest cities in Africa for tourists. 

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Top 10 Safest Cities in Africa

  1. Kigali
  2. Rabat
  3. Alexandria
  4. Accra
  5. Tunis
  6. Addis Ababa
  7. Cairo
  8. Gaborone
  9. Algiers
  10. Casablanca

1) Kigali

Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, is notable for being among the safest cities in Africa. As per the reports for 2022, Kigali has achieved an outstanding safety index score of 75.65 out of 100. The city’s excellent community policing initiatives and low crime rates are reflected in this ranking. To ensure public safety, the Rwandan government has put strict measures in place, such as having a police force that is responsive and well-trained. 

Kigali’s streets are also exceptionally tidy and well-kept, which adds to the city’s general sense of security. Both locals and visitors enjoy strolling fearlessly across the city at any time of day. Furthermore, Kigali is a model for urban safety in Africa thanks to its sophisticated monitoring systems and neighborhood watch initiatives.

2) Rabat

North Africa’s capital city, Rabat, symbolizes security and stability. According to a report in 2022, Rabat has a safety index score of 63.32, which is comparatively low compared to other major cities. Public safety has been given priority by the Moroccan government, which has put in place strict security protocols and community policing programs. The skilled police force of Rabat keeps a watchful presence throughout the city, guaranteeing the safety of both locals and visitors. Continuous investments in technology and infrastructure, such as CCTV surveillance systems also uphold order and peace. With its thriving marketplaces, picturesque landmarks like the Kasbah of the Udayas, and rich cultural legacy, Rabat provides visitors with a warm and secure atmosphere.

3) Alexandria

Egypt’s ancient Mediterranean port city of Alexandria is renowned for its enhanced security protocols and rich cultural legacy. Alexandria’s moderate safety index score of 61.26 indicates comparatively low crime rates for a large metropolitan center. The Egyptian government has implemented advanced monitoring systems and stepped up police presence to improve public safety. 

To guarantee the security of locals and visitors alike, busy locations like the Corniche and Montaza are closely guarded and supervised. Alexandria’s ongoing urban development initiatives also improve public services and infrastructure, making the environment safer. The city provides a safe and friendly environment for everyone who visits with its historical sites, lively markets, and beach promenades.

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4) Accra

Ghana’s thriving city, Accra, is well-known for its lively culture and comparatively safe environment. Accra has a moderate safety index score of 53.92, which indicates manageable crime levels, according to a Safety Index report in 2022. The government of Ghana has put in place efficient policies to guarantee public safety, such as community policing programs and a noticeable police presence. 

The city’s increased prosperity has enhanced public services and infrastructure, making the urban environment safer. Active neighborhood watch programs and a friendly sense of community are two other advantages for Accra. Accra provides both locals and tourists with a safe and interesting environment because of its bustling marketplaces, fascinating historical landmarks, and welcoming populace.

5) Tunis

The capital of Tunisia, Tunis, is a shining example of peace and safety in the surrounding area. Tunis has an exceptionally low crime rate, as evidenced by a Safety Index report in 2022, which gives it an impressive safety index score of 52.20. To protect its citizens and visitors, the Tunisian government has made significant investments in strict security measures. To discourage criminal activities, the city’s police department keeps a proactive presence by monitoring important locations and residential areas. 

Furthermore, neighborhood watch programs and community participation projects help the public feel very secure. Travelers looking for both safety and curiosity will love Tunisia’s well-preserved historical sites, busy markets, and lively cultural scene. Tunis continues to enchant tourists with its safety and hospitality, as well as its warm environment and rich history.

6) Addis Ababa

Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, has excellent security protocols despite being a busy city. Addis Ababa has a safety index score of 51.59, which indicates comparatively low crime rates compared to other large African cities, according to a 2022 report. Public safety has been given top priority by the Ethiopian government, which has put strong law enforcement tactics and community policing programs into place. 

The police force in Addis Ababa is actively involved in upholding law and order, keeping an eye on the streets, and reacting quickly to occurrences. Neighborhood watch programs and community involvement help the city by encouraging tourists and residents to feel secure. Addis Ababa is becoming a more urbanized city, but it hasn’t lost any of its cultural allure. Exciting markets, cultural events, and ancient sites are just waiting to be explored in a friendly and secure atmosphere.

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7) Cairo

Egypt’s thriving metropolis, Cairo, is a prime example of a city where security measures coexist peacefully with its lively culture. According to a report in 2022, Cairo has relatively low crime rates considering its size and population density, with a safety index score of 50.22. The safety of both locals and visitors to Egypt is guaranteed by the government’s strict security measures. 

The police in Cairo are very noticeable; they patrol major thoroughfares and streets to keep the peace and discourage criminal activities. The city also gains from community policing programs and cutting-edge monitoring technology, which provide its varied populace with a sense of security. Cairo provides a warm, comfortable, and immersive cultural experience amidst its historic treasures and vibrant marketplaces.

8) Gaborone

Botswana’s capital, Gaborone, is praised for its stability and safety. Gaborone’s safety index score of 45.68 indicates that the city has comparatively low crime rates, according to a Safety Index report in 2022. Proactive police committed to upholding public order and efficient law enforcement is advantageous to the city. Residents feel very secure because of government investments in neighborhood watch and community policing initiatives. 

Living in Gaborone is made safer by the city’s well-designed public services and urban infrastructure. The city’s high employment and education levels, together with its low population density, all contribute to its increased safety. Gaborone continues to draw in tourists and locals alike with its welcoming environment and safe environs.

9) Algiers

Algeria’s capital, Algiers, is renowned for both its historical significance and its strict safety regulations. Algiers has a moderate safety index score of 45.18, which is reasonably low for a major city, according to a Safety Index report in 2022. The Algerian government has made public safety a top priority, increasing security measures and placing a substantial police presence across the city. 

An extensive network of surveillance cameras and frequent patrols help to keep Algiers safe and secure. Significant infrastructural improvements have also been made in the city, enhancing public areas and transit networks and raising general safety. Algiers provides both locals and visitors with a safe environment to explore and enjoy thanks to its blend of modern and historic attractions.

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10) Casablanca

The largest city and commercial center of Morocco, Casablanca, is renowned for its dedication to preserving safety. Casablanca has a moderate safety index score of 44.41, which is lower than the scores of other major African cities, according to a Safety Index report in 2022. 

To safeguard public safety, the Moroccan government has put in place extensive security measures, such as enhanced police presence and cutting-edge surveillance equipment. Anfa and Ain Diab are two neighborhoods that are very well-known for their peace and safety. Furthermore, Casablanca’s booming economy draws tourists and business, funding additional infrastructure and safety projects.

No.City CountrySafety Index (2022)
6Addis AbabaEthiopia51.59

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If you want to visit Africa, then you should visit the places mentioned above. These places have the lowest crime rate in Africa. You can have a peaceful stay in these cities and make a lot of beautiful memories. 


What Is the Safest Major City in Africa?

According to the most recent reports, Kigali is the safest major city in Africa with a safety index of 75.65. 

Which African Country Has the Highest Crime Rate?

South Africa has the highest crime rate (75.4).

Which African Country Has the Lowest Crime Rate?

Recent reports suggest that Rwanda is the safest country in Africa with a safety index of 73.2.

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