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Top 11 Safest Cities In the World in 2024

Everybody wants to be safe wherever they live, work, or travel. Safety is an essential component of a society. Certain cities stand out for their extraordinary dedication to guaranteeing the safety and well-being of their citizens. With their strong law enforcement and creative approaches to public safety, these cities have established themselves as security strongholds. 

List of 11 Safest Cities In the World 

Here is the list of the 11 safest cities in the world at the moment.

  1. Tokyo
  2. Singapore 
  3. Osaka
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Sydney
  6. Toronto
  7. Dubai
  8. Copenhagen
  9. Seoul
  10. Melbourne
  11. Chicago

1) Tokyo

Japan’s thriving capital city, Tokyo, is a symbol of security and justice. Tokyo is widely recognized for having low crime rates and effective public services, making it one of the world’s safest cities. Tokyo ranks first in the list of the safest cities in the world with a score of 92.

Tokyo’s well-maintained public transportation infrastructure is a major contributor to the city’s safety. Even in the middle of the night, commuters can travel throughout the city with ease, thanks to the trains’ punctuality, well-lit stations, and wide coverage. Both locals and visitors alike have a sense of security because of the strong sense of community that permeates Japanese culture.

Furthermore, Tokyo’s cutting-edge technology is essential to upholding safety regulations. The city uses innovative solutions to effectively reduce dangers, ranging from cutting-edge surveillance systems to disaster preparedness activities.

Tokyo’s attractiveness as a safe refuge for residents and visitors is further enhanced by its dynamic neighborhoods and rich cultural past, which lie beyond its modern exterior. Travelers can experience Tokyo’s unique fusion of tradition and innovation, whether touring ancient temples or traversing modern skyscrapers, all inside the reassuring embrace of its safe atmosphere.

2) Singapore 

Situated in Southeast Asia, Singapore is a dazzling island city-state that exemplifies stability and safety. Singapore, which is well-known for its spotless streets, strict rules, and effective government, is constantly ranked as one of the safest cities in the world. Singapore ranks second on the list of the safest cities in the world with a score of 91.5.

Singapore’s reputation for safety is largely due to its strict adherence to legal requirements. The city-state has severe sanctions for violators and upholds a zero-tolerance stance against crime. Strong law enforcement measures, combined with this deterrent impact, guarantee a safe environment for both locals and guests.

Moreover, Singapore’s safety profile is greatly enhanced by its careful urban design and investments in cutting-edge infrastructure. The city takes every precaution to keep its citizens safe, from well-lit streets to sophisticated CCTV surveillance systems. Furthermore, Singapore’s reputation as a secure haven is further strengthened by its effective public transit system and dependable emergency services.

Singapore’s multicultural environment promotes social peace and togetherness among its diverse people, adding an extra degree of security. Singapore continues to be a ray of stability in a world that is changing quickly because of the strict measures put in place to combat terrorism and other dangers.

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3) Osaka

Japan’s energetic city of Osaka is a monument to resilience and safety. Osaka ranks third in the list of the safest cities in the world with a score of 90.9. Osaka regularly ranks first on several safety indices, which is indicative of its strong security protocols and neighborhood-focused approach to crime prevention.

Osaka’s advanced infrastructure and effective public services are essential to its safety. The city is home to an extensive network of police stations that are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and staff members who have received training in emergency response and crime prevention.

Furthermore, Osaka’s strong social ties and close-knit neighborhoods play a big part in its safety rating. By actively participating in community outreach activities and neighborhood watch programs, residents promote a sense of camaraderie and support for one another. 

Osaka’s lively street life and rich cultural legacy further add to the city’s welcoming and safe vibe. The city has a lot to offer tourists of all ages, from peaceful parks to busy markets, that are both entertaining and safe.

4) Amsterdam

The scenic city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, has a reputation for safety and security but also emanates a certain charm. Thanks to its well-planned urban infrastructure, progressive policies, and significant community engagement, this dynamic city routinely ranks among the safest in the world. Amsterdam ranks fourth on the list of the safest cities in the world with a score of 88.0.

Amsterdam’s bicycle-friendly streets and effective public transportation system are key components of its safety. The city places a high priority on the safety of its citizens and visitors, lowering the risk of accidents and encouraging active, sustainable lifestyles with its vast bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly zones.

Amsterdam’s overall safety reputation is further enhanced by its enlightened approach to drug legislation and law enforcement. For example, the city’s sensible approach to cannabis legalization has decreased drug-related crime and improved the vibe in its well-known coffee shops.

Amsterdam’s thriving arts scene and rich cultural legacy promote tolerance and diversity, which adds to the city’s friendly and safe atmosphere. The city has a wealth of activities that appeal to a wide range of interests, from top-notch museums to a vast variety of gastronomic options, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Amsterdam demonstrates its dedication to social cohesion and well-being by taking proactive steps to address societal issues like poverty and homelessness. The city works to establish an equal and inclusive society where everyone feels secure and is encouraged to utilize creative initiatives and community engagement activities.

5) Sydney

Sydney, the famous harbor city of Australia, is a shining example of livability and safety, providing both locals and tourists with a safe and enjoyable urban experience. Sydney is well-known for its breathtaking beaches, energetic arts and culture, and effective public transportation. It is also ranked as one of the world’s safest cities. Sydney ranks fifth on the list of the safest cities in the world with a score of 87.9.

The proactive law enforcement strategies and heavy emphasis on community policing that Sydney places on safety are essential. With its committed officers and creative approaches to crime prevention, the New South Wales Police Force puts forth great effort to uphold public safety and guarantees harmonious cohabitation among the city’s diverse populace.

Sydney’s safety profile is further enhanced by investments in modern infrastructure and a well-connected transportation network. With dependable public transportation, spotlessly maintained streets, and pedestrian-friendly walkways, the city puts its citizens’ mobility and security first, lowering the chance of accidents and encouraging a sense of confidence when navigating metropolitan areas.

Sydney’s reputation as a friendly and safe travel destination is further enhanced by its multicultural fabric and inclusive spirit, which promote social cohesiveness and peace. Sydney celebrates diversity through a multitude of public areas, cultural festivals, and community events. It values the diversity of its citizens and encourages everyone to feel like they belong.

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6) Toronto

Toronto, Canada’s vibrant capital and one of the safest cities in the world, is the perfect example of both diversity and safety. Toronto is well-known for its friendly attitude, effective public transportation, and multiculturalism. It provides both locals and visitors with a safe and inclusive metropolitan experience. Toronto ranks sixth on the list of the safest cities in the world with a score of 87.8.

Toronto’s community-oriented policing strategy, which prioritizes cooperation between local communities and law enforcement, is essential to the city’s safety. To properly address safety issues, the Toronto Police Service participates in proactive crime prevention activities that cultivate community trust and communication.

Toronto’s strong public transit network and well-kept infrastructure also add to the city’s safety rating. The city emphasizes accessibility and mobility while guaranteeing the safety of its citizens and commuters, and it does so via vast networks of subways, buses, and streetcars, besides bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly streets.

The multicultural population and inclusive culture of Toronto foster social cohesiveness and respect for one another among the city’s residents. Toronto embraces its ethnic heritage through a robust arts scene, international cuisine, and vibrant cultural festivals, giving everyone who calls Toronto home a sense of belonging.

Toronto’s dedication to resilience and environmental sustainability also improves the city’s general safety and well-being. The city reduces the risks connected with climate change and other environmental difficulties by implementing programs including disaster preparedness plans, green infrastructure development, and climate adaptation methods. This ensures the long-term security and prosperity of the city’s citizens.

7) Dubai

The glittering jewel of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is proof of both security and prosperity. Dubai is a city that offers inhabitants and visitors a safe and enriching urban experience. It consistently ranks among the safest cities globally.

Modern security infrastructure and watchful law enforcement are essential to Dubai’s safety. The Dubai Police Force keeps an eye on public areas and deters criminal activity by utilizing cutting-edge technology and surveillance systems, guaranteeing a secure atmosphere for all city dwellers.

Dubai’s dedication to quality is evident in both its urban planning and transportation infrastructure. The city minimizes the hazards connected with traffic accidents and congestion by prioritizing mobility and accessibility through the implementation of efficient public transport networks, pedestrian-friendly streets, and modern highways.

Dubai’s dynamic and welcoming ambiance is a result of its multiculturalism and cosmopolitan nature. The city offers a plethora of experiences that cater to a variety of interests and backgrounds, creating social cohesion and mutual respect among its residents. These experiences range from world-class retail malls and luxury resorts to traditional souks and cultural relics.

Dubai’s reputation for safety is further enhanced by its proactive commitment to crisis management and emergency preparedness. Modern medical facilities, strict safety procedures, and comprehensive disaster response plans enable the city to respond quickly and effectively to possible threats, protecting the health and safety of both locals and visitors.

8) Copenhagen

Denmark’s beautiful capital, Copenhagen, is a shining example of sustainability, safety, and a high standard of living. Copenhagen is well-known for its green areas, bike-friendly streets, and forward-thinking urban design. Copenhagen ranks eighth on the list of the safest cities in the world with a score of 87.4.

Copenhagen’s focus on environmentally friendly transportation and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure is essential to the city’s safety. The city encourages environmentally friendly mobility choices, decreasing traffic congestion and fostering a healthy environment for both walkers and bicycles. It has over 400 kilometers of bike lanes and a strong public transit system.

Copenhagen’s high degree of social cohesiveness and communal spirit greatly enhances the city’s safety rating. The lively street life, public squares, and common areas that define the city’s neighborhoods help to build a sense of trust and belonging among locals.

Copenhagen’s creative urban planning and public policy efforts mirror its proactive attitude toward public safety and crime prevention. The city takes a comprehensive approach to addressing safety concerns and fostering a sense of security for everyone, from well-lit streets and parks to neighborhood watch organizations and community policing initiatives.

Copenhagen’s reputation as a secure and livable city is further enhanced by its dedication to environmental sustainability and resilience. The city reduces the dangers connected with climate change and enhances the welfare of its citizens and the environment through programs like renewable energy projects, green building regulations, and climate adaptation plans.

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9) Seoul

South Korea’s thriving city, Seoul, is praised for its inventiveness, safety, and rich cultural heritage. Thanks to its effective infrastructure, strong community ties, and extensive public safety measures, this vibrant metropolis continuously ranks among the safest cities in the world. Seoul ranks ninth on the list of the safest cities in the world with a score of 87.4.

Seoul’s sophisticated technology and surveillance systems, which are ingrained in daily life, are essential to the city’s safety. The city uses cutting-edge technology, such as CCTV cameras monitoring public areas and smartphone apps giving real-time alerts on safety problems, to guarantee the protection of its citizens and guests.

Seoul’s well-organized urban design and vast public transit system greatly enhance the city’s safety rating. The city minimizes the hazards connected with traffic accidents and congestion by prioritizing accessibility and mobility through the implementation of new subway systems, bike lanes, and pedestrian-friendly streets.

Seoul’s many neighborhoods and rich cultural legacy also help to create a sense of community and belonging among its residents. The city provides a wide range of activities that capture its dynamic and welcoming nature, from modern retail malls and lively nightlife areas to historic palaces and traditional marketplaces.

Seoul’s safety credentials are further enhanced by its proactive attitude to emergency response and disaster planning. With thorough plans in place for a range of contingencies, including natural catastrophes and public health emergencies, the city guarantees a prompt and well-coordinated reaction to any possible risks, protecting the health and safety of its citizens and guests.

10) Melbourne

The Australian state of Victoria’s vibrant capital, Melbourne, is well known for its safety, livability, and cultural diversity. Melbourne’s dedication to public safety is demonstrated by its proactive enforcement tactics, well-designed urban infrastructure, and a strong sense of community. Melbourne ranks 10th on the list of the safest cities in the world with a score of 87.3.

Melbourne’s community-oriented policing strategy, which prioritizes cooperation between law enforcement and locals, is essential to the city’s safety. To address safety issues, build trust, and support crime prevention measures, the Victoria Police Force actively communicates with communities. This helps to explain the low crime rate and a strong sense of security in the city.

Melbourne’s well-functioning public transport system, which includes buses, trains, and trams, improves accessibility and mobility while putting the safety of its passengers first. Travelers and guests alike can be guaranteed a safe and easy ride with the city’s well-lit stations, bike lanes, and pedestrian-friendly streets.

Melbourne’s dynamic neighborhoods and cultural precincts also provide a wide variety of experiences, ranging from world-class shopping and restaurants to famous landmarks and green areas. 

Melbourne’s proactive approach to disaster management and emergency preparedness further demonstrates its dedication to safeguarding the security and welfare of its citizens. The city places a high priority on resilience and adaptive ability to reduce risks and successfully handle catastrophes, with elaborate preparations in place for a variety of eventualities, such as heatwaves, bushfires, and public health emergencies.

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11) Chicago

Chicago is a thriving city that is located on the banks of Lake Michigan. It is known for its iconic architecture, rich cultural history, and dedication to public safety and well-being. The city has put in place strong safeguards to guarantee the protection of its citizens and visitors, despite sporadic difficulties, making it an alluring travel destination for people looking for both urban excitement and security. Chicago ranks 11th on the list of the safest cities in the world with a score of 86.7.

Chicago’s extensive law enforcement methods, led by the Chicago Police Department (CPD), are at the heart of the city’s safety programs. To prevent and address criminal activity and promote a safer environment for everyone, the CPD works nonstop to carry out targeted patrols, community policing programs, and technology-driven crime-fighting initiatives.

Chicago’s expenditure on public services and modern urban infrastructure is essential to improving mobility and safety. From accessible parks and recreational facilities to well-maintained roads and public transportation, the city puts its citizens’ needs first while fostering a sense of safety and well-being.

Chicago’s dynamic environment is further enhanced by the diversity of its neighborhoods and cultural institutions. The city celebrates its multicultural background with thriving arts scenes, mouthwatering cuisine, and community festivals, which promote social cohesiveness and a strong sense of communal pride.


As one approaches the end of their investigation into the safest cities in the world, one thing becomes quite evident. Safety is a reflection of a city’s dedication to the general well-being of its residents, not just a function of low crime rates or effective emergency services. This article discussed the top 11 safest cities in the world.

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Which City Has the Worst Crime Rate In the World?

Tijuana is considered the city with the worst crime rate in the world. Almost seven people are killed daily in the city. 

Is Dubai One of the Safest Cities?

Yes, Dubai has a very low crime rate making it one of the safest cities in the world. 

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