Ranking the 10 Best Airlines in UK in 2024

The United Kingdom is home to approximately 144 airports run by 13 airlines. Some of these airlines prove to be better regarding their reviews, passenger experience, facilities, comfort, and prices. Here is the list of the top 10 best airlines in the UK. 

List of Top 10 Airlines in UK

  1. Virgin Atlantic
  2. British Airways
  3. Jet2
  4. TUI Airways
  5. EasyJet
  6. Loganair
  7. Blue Islands
  8. Aurigny Air Services
  9. Eastern Airways
  10. Wizz Air UK

1) Virgin Atlantic

Since its founding in 1984 by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic has become one of the UK’s leading airlines. The airline has consistently increased its worldwide presence, now operating a fleet of more than 40 aircraft. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic in 2020, Virgin Atlantic received recognition for its dedication to the comfort and safety of its passengers. To ensure a safe travel environment, the airline put strict hygiene measures in place, including improved cabin cleaning and mask requirements.

Virgin Atlantic offers a passenger experience that is distinguished by its emphasis on luxury and innovation. The airline offers a smooth and comfortable travel experience with its upper-class accommodations, which feature entirely flat beds and individualized service. Virgin Atlantic debuted the A350-1000 in 2019, which features quieter engines and more sophisticated in-flight entertainment systems to improve the overall flying experience.

The airline has also led the way in sustainability initiatives, to become carbon net-zero by 2050. This pledge is in line with the rising demand from environmentally conscious travelers for eco-friendly travel options. Virgin Atlantic’s reputation as one of the best airlines in the UK has been cemented by its commitment to environmental responsibility, safety, and passenger pleasure.

2) British Airways

British Airways was founded in 1974 as a stalwart in the aviation industry dating back to 1974. It has grown to represent dependability and top-notch service throughout the years. With a fleet of over 280 different aircraft, British Airways offers passenger connections to over 180 destinations globally.

The airline has continuously changed to accommodate passengers’ shifting needs. British Airways has made significant investments in improving the traveler experience in recent years. The long-haul fleet has been upgraded with the launch of the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which feature quieter engines and increased fuel efficiency. With cutting-edge comforts and entertainment systems, these improvements let passengers have a more enjoyable ride.

British Airways has made passenger comfort a top priority by offering premium cabins. Lying flat in the famous Club World Business Class, you may travel in a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. The airline’s dedication to luxury is evident in the first-class experience, which offers guests access to private lounges, fine cuisine, and attentive service.

British Airways has continuously surpassed industry norms in terms of safety. The airline guarantees a safe and dependable travel experience for its passengers through its strict maintenance schedules and proactive approach to installing cutting-edge safety measures. Because of this, British Airways is regarded as one of the best airlines in the UK and is well-known for its unrelenting commitment to both safety and passenger happiness.

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3) Jet2

Jet2 is relatively a newcomer in UK aviation which started its operations in 2003. Even though it was founded very recently, the airline has become quite well-known very quickly, especially in the leisure travel industry. Jet2 is committed to offering quick and reasonably priced travel to a variety of well-liked vacation spots.

Jet2’s reputation for punctuality is one of its strongest points. The airline has established a reputation for dependability by continuously maintaining a high-performance record for being on time. For travelers looking for a stress-free trip, this dependability is essential.

Jet2 prioritizes providing excellent customer service to make every passenger’s trip delightful. Positive in-flight vibes are facilitated by the airline’s attentive and kind cabin crew. The leisure-focused airline provides several extras including in-flight entertainment and cozy seating options that are intended to improve the whole travel experience.

Jet2’s growing fleet and route network are clear indicators of its success. The airline has incorporated new, fuel-efficient planes into its fleet, making flying more environmentally friendly and sustainable. As Jet2 continues to carve out a space for itself in the market, its commitment to providing fast travel and high customer satisfaction ranks it among the best airlines in the UK, especially for those looking for reasonably priced and dependable leisure trips.

4) TUI Airways

Since its founding in 1962, TUI Airways, a well-known leisure airline, has played a crucial role in the UK tourism market. TUI Airways, formerly known as Thomson Airways, underwent a rebranding in 2017 to better represent its integration with the global TUI Group. TUI Airways is a holiday travel specialist that connects passengers to various holiday locations with a diverse fleet.

The core of TUI Airways’ passenger experience is the idea of seamless travel. The airline, which combines flights with lodging and other travel services, highlights the ease of package vacations. From the moment of boarding until their departure, travelers can concentrate on having a hassle-free vacation experience thanks to our all-encompassing strategy.

TUI Airways has continuously made investments to update its fleet, bringing in more ecologically friendly and fuel-efficient aircraft. This pledge supports TUI Group’s sustainability objectives and gives customers another environmentally friendly travel option. The airline’s commitment to comfort and safety is demonstrated by its ongoing efforts to modernize in-flight entertainment systems and services.

Moreover, TUI Airways lays a significant emphasis on customer service, with its cabin crew trained to deliver a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Due to its dedication to providing high-quality leisure travel, the airline has established a solid reputation among travelers and is regarded as one of the best in the UK.

5) EasyJet

EasyJet is a pioneer in the low-cost airline industry that has dominated the UK aviation scene since its founding in 1995. The airline was established to increase air travel accessibility for a wider range of people, and it has been successful in growing into one of Europe’s top low-cost carriers.

EasyJet, which is recognized for its unique orange livery, has been instrumental in bringing air travel closer to the general public. The airline has continuously provided reasonable fares, enabling a wide variety of travelers to visit a multitude of locations throughout its vast network.

EasyJet passengers enjoy a straightforward and effective travel experience. The airline has reduced expenses by streamlining its operations while keeping timeliness as a top priority. EasyJet’s reputation for dependability is largely attributed to its dedication to punctual departures and arrivals, which is an important aspect for travelers on a tight budget.

Even though EasyJet has a low-cost business model, it has worked to improve the whole traveler experience. Efforts like reserved seats and the launch of the “easyJet Plus” membership program give passengers the extra convenience they want.

EasyJet’s ongoing development and expansion demonstrate the company’s influence on the aviation sector. The airline has been able to successfully adjust to shifting market conditions because of its contemporary fleet and strategic route planning. Because of this, EasyJet continues to be a significant player in the UK airline market, providing a convenient and effective choice for those looking for low-cost flights.

6) Loganair

Loganair has established itself as a leading regional airline in the United Kingdom since the start of its operation in 1962. Loganair, which began as the Royal Scottish Flying Doctor Service’s aviation division, has developed into a major participant in the UK’s transportation network, serving as a link between isolated and regional communities.

The dedication of Loganair to servicing minor airports and offering necessary air linkages is what makes the airline’s passenger experience unique. Besides boosting local economies, the airline’s emphasis on regional connections makes sure that people living in more remote places have consistent access to air travel.

Comprising a variety of regional jet and turboprop aircraft, Loganair’s fleet is designed to meet the demands of its routes. Because of its adaptability, the airline can land in airports with minimal infrastructure and handle shorter runways, which helps it fulfill its mission of providing a vital link for isolated communities.

The airline prioritizes providing each passenger with individualized attention, making the ambiance warm and inviting. The employees of Loganair, both on the ground and in the air, are qualified to handle the particular requirements of regional travel while promoting a feeling of dependability and community.

Loganair is still an important player in the regional aviation market as it is adding routes and updating its fleet. The airline’s commitment to linking underprivileged regions and offering a dependable mode of transportation establishes it as a significant player in the larger aviation industry in the United Kingdom.

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7) Blue Islands

Since its founding in 2001, the Channel Islands-based regional airline Blue Islands has played a significant role in facilitating travel between these islands and the United Kingdom. Blue Islands is a regional carrier that focuses on providing vital air services between minor airports, greatly enhancing the Channel Islands’ accessibility and connectivity.

The emphasis Blue Islands places on local connectivity and individualized service distinguishes its passenger experience. Because of the airline’s dedication to servicing smaller communities, there are convenient and dependable air travel alternatives available to both locals and tourists. Blue Islands has a fleet of contemporary aircraft that is ideal for small runways and regional operations, such as ATR 42 and ATR 72 turboprops.

Blue Islands’ commitment to providing a warm and effective vacation experience is demonstrated by its initiatives. The airline reflects the distinct nature of regional air travel with a favorable atmosphere for passengers thanks to its courteous crew and efficient operations.

The airline connects to several locations in the UK and Europe through its network, which goes beyond the Channel Islands. The Channel Islands’ commercial and social linkages to the wider aviation community are strengthened by Blue Islands’ function as a regional connector.

Blue Islands is a vital part of the Channel Islands’ transportation network and continues to be a dependable and important regional airline in the United Kingdom as it grows and changes to meet the ever-changing needs of travel within the region.

8) Aurigny Air Services

Since its founding in 1968, Aurigny Air Services has been a major player in regional aviation that maintains its headquarters in the Channel Islands. Aurigny, the flag carrier of Guernsey, has been instrumental in establishing a connection between the Channel Islands and offering vital air transportation services to and from these stunning destinations.

Aurigny Air Services’ commitment to community involvement and regional connectivity is what makes its passengers feel like they are traveling in comfort. The airline uses a fleet of aircraft that is ideal for small runways and regional flights, such as the turboprop ATR 42 and ATR 72. This helps Aurigny to stay true to its dedication to efficiency and safety while navigating the particular geographical constraints presented by the Channel Islands.

Beyond just carrying passengers, Aurigny plays a vital role in the social and economic cohesion of the Channel Islands. The airline’s network connects locals and encourages travel to the stunning islands by offering flights to locations in the UK and Europe.

The airline prioritizes providing each passenger with individualized attention, making the ambiance warm and inviting. The employees of Aurigny, both on the ground and in the air, are specially trained to handle the special requirements of travel within an area, highlighting the airline’s vital role in the communities it serves.

Aurigny Air Services is still a crucial connection between the Channel Islands and the larger transportation system even as it adjusts to the changing needs of regional aviation. The airline is a significant player in the aviation industry in the United Kingdom because of its dedication to community outreach and regional connections.

9) Eastern Airways

Eastern Airways specializes in connecting to smaller airports and underdeveloped areas and has grown to become a prominent regional airline in the UK since its founding in 1997. Being a major participant in regional aviation, Eastern Airways has established a solid reputation for dependability and practicality by providing vital air services to a range of towns.

Eastern Airlines’ dedication to providing efficient travel and regional connectivity is evident in the quality of the passenger experience. The airline has a varied fleet that is ideal for negotiating shorter runways and reaching locations with different infrastructure, such as Saab turboprops and Embraer regional jets. This makes it possible for Eastern Airways to provide comfortable and safe travel while meeting the specific requirements of regional passengers.

By deliberately growing its route network, Eastern Airways has helped the economies of the areas it serves by tying minor airports to larger hubs. The airline’s commitment to regional connection is consistent with its function as an essential conduit for inhabitants, enterprises, and tourists in underprivileged regions.

Eastern Airways continues to be an essential part of the UK’s transportation network as it develops and adjusts to the shifting needs of regional aviation. Because of its dedication to effectiveness, security, and local connectivity, the airline is positioned to play a significant role in the aviation industry.

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10) Wizz Air UK

2018 saw the entry of Wizz Air UK, a division of the reputable Wizz Air Group, into the UK aviation market. Even though it was only founded a short time ago, the airline has grown to be a major force in the low-cost market by offering reasonably priced flights, mostly to Eastern and Central European locations.

The Wizz Air UK passenger experience is distinguished by its dedication to providing affordable travel options while upholding an emphasis on efficiency. The airline has a fleet of modern Airbus A320 and A321 planes, which are renowned for being economical and fuel-efficient. This enables Wizz Air UK to attract customers looking for low-cost travel options by providing affordable flights to a variety of destinations.

The route network of Wizz Air UK connects travelers to many destinations throughout Europe, including outside of the UK. The airline’s reputation for punctuality and dependability is a result of its concentration on point-to-point connectivity and a simplified operational strategy.

Despite using a low-cost business strategy, the airline has worked to improve the whole traveler experience. With the help of optional services like priority boarding, baggage allowances, and seat selection, travelers may tailor their travel experience to suit their tastes on Wizz Air UK.

Wizz Air UK is establishing itself as a major force in the UK aviation industry as it keeps growing both its fleet and its route network. The airline’s commitment to providing cheap travel options and optimizing operating efficiency places it in a prominent position within the low-cost market, providing customers with cost-effective options for discovering a wide array of European destinations. 


The best airlines in the UK represent the embodiment of air travel, with each element painstakingly designed to provide an unmatched experience. These airlines have always gone above industry norms, upholding a tradition of excellence in safety and service. Their state-of-the-art fleet, equipped with modern technology, guarantees a smooth and efficient travel experience. Passengers are transported to a realm of elegance, comfort, and innovation as they travel over the skies. Traveling with these airlines is more than just getting from point A to point B, it is an experience that showcases how extraordinary everyday travel can be.


What Is the Most Popular Airline in the UK?

British Airways is the most popular airline in the UK. It is also the biggest airline in the United Kingdom. 

Which Is the Most Reliable Airline in the UK?

Virgin Atlantic is considered the best when it comes to passenger reliability. Jet2 and EasyJet are also great choices for a reliable air travel experience. 

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