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The Best Free VPNs for 2024

I am an introvert. So, for me, staying home is my default setting. I like staying home, and I have little to no friends. My two best friends i.e. Netflix and Wattpad keep me occupied everywhere, every weekend and every day. 

Just a few months ago, Wattpad stopped working in my country. I felt like one of my best friends vanished into thin air right in front of me. I was devastated, to say the least.

That’s when I discovered the world of VPNs. Although I wanted to use it to access Wattpad, soon I discovered a different side of Netflix. With a VPN, I can now access a wide content library. All I have to do is change my location and I can watch a lot more. 

While on my quest to find the ideal VPN, I realized that there are so many options that someone new to the domain might just feel lost. Most good VPNs are expensive; others have limitations, while some have good reputations but they are too complicated to use. 

In some cases, my laptop stopped working because VPN was sucking in all the bandwidth, and my computer crashed under the pressure. 

Since I have been through enough, I want to save you from the hassle by listing some of the best VPNs that you can try. Although VPNs are expensive my focus is on free options, so you can enjoy your favorite sites without breaking your bank. Most of these VPNs are free but have paid options as well. 

The prerequisite for downloading and using a VPN is to have access to a good internet like Xfinity. You can easily go through Xfinity Internet plans and find the one you like. Xfinity has a wide range of plans that are not just affordable but also reliable. Regardless of whatever VPN you choose, you will not face the bandwidth issue. 

Criteria for Evaluating Free VPNs

1. Price

Price is one of the most important factors for most people because we all look for free options. While most tech gurus discourage the use of free VPNs because of data breach issues, others say that the data of the user is retrieved by other sources as well, so this should not be considered an important factor. 

2. Server Locations

Server location is another very important factor that can help you determine if a VPN is worth investing in. Most of the content on the internet is geo-specific, so it is restricted based on location. Aim for a VPN that has servers in first-world countries. 

3. User Experience

Focus on the experience more than the fancy claims you see. In most cases, the user interface is so complicated that as a user you might feel lost. 

4. Safety

Safety is one of the most important factors that you must consider while selecting a VPN. Here is a simple criterion to help you know if your VPN is safe:

  • Explore and know in detail about the owner of the VPN.
  • What is the business model of the VPN if it is free? 
  • Is there a safety guarantee option on the VPN 
  • Look at the data and details that your VPN collects from you.
  • What is your VPN doing with your data after retrieving it?

Top Free VPNs for 2024

1) ExpressVPN

Compatible With: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android

Price: $12.95/month 

Why Recommended: this is one of the best and most used VPNs in the market. 

This is one of my favorites, and I have so far enjoyed using this VPN the most. If you are a beginner and do not know where to start, you should start with ExpressVPN. With its user-friendly interface, you will not struggle with anything. 


  • Very Well-Curated Global Server Range
  • Secure and Safe
  • Very Good for Streaming and Unblocking 
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • No Simultaneous Connectivity 
  • Limited Features Compared to Price 
  • Expensive 

2) NordVPN

Compatible with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS

Price: $12.99- $14.99/m  

Why Recommended: Best VPN for Netflix, streaming, and accessing the best content online.

Simplest, easiest, and so far the most loved VPN option that will offer you the best value for money. If you are an Android user, this is a perfect pick for you, especially if you like to download movies or just want to watch Netflix. Unlike most VPN companies that limit their features, NordVPN will allow you to access more features even in the free version. 


  • Best VPN for All Kinds of Streaming and Downloading 
  • Fastest Connectivity 
  • Very Secure 


  • Trail is Only Available for Android Users
  • Limited Simultaneous Connections 
  • Not All Servers Work 
  • No Unlimited Free Plan

3) CyberGhost

Compatible With: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Price: $12.19/m 

Why Recommended: Massive server selection with over 11600 VPN servers in 100 locations. 

Gaming, watching movies, or streaming videos require a much higher bandwidth and speed. So, if you want to download movies, stream music, or just watch Netflix, this is a perfect pick for you. They have specialized servers for each task, so there will be no lag. Moreover, they assign special IPs and ad blockers to everyone for a seamless user experience. 


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Very Easy to Stream
  • Secure 


  • Apple Users Might Face Some Issues 
  • Device Connectivity  
  •  Not Reliable Speed

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned VPNs are some of my top favorites and are very easy to use. However, based on your location, the sites you want to use, and the budget, you should explore other options as well.  


Is it safe to use a free VPN?

Free VPNs are generally safe, but research is very important before you sign up.

What features are important for the selection of a VPN?

  • Privacy
  • Speed
  • User friendly 
  • Multiple device connectivity

Why do most people use VPNs?

Most people use VPN to access blocked, restricted, and censored sites. 

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