What We Do ?

Best Diplomats focuses on making diplomacy more inclusive by connecting aspiring leaders worldwide in an enriching set-up allowing them to exchange views, acquire new skills, and become the next generation of leaders working towards a more sustainable future.

Building a more inclusive networked and effective multilateralism by promoting United Nations values and principles is at the core of our mission.

How ?

Best Diplomats organizes Diplomatic Simulations which serve as a platform for young leaders and change-makers to exchange ideas and resolve the most challenging global issues. These Diplomatic Simulations are an ideal avenue for aspiring diplomats and advocates to grasp the lobbying and critical thinking skill set that will enable them to become a better diplomat.


We Identify diplomacy as the process of influencing the decisions and behaviour of foreign governments and people through dialogue and by peaceful means. Best Diplomats aims to inculcate the skills of diplomacy by:


We label negotiation as the dialogue or collaborative process that aims to find a solution between two or more parties during a conflict.

The Best Diplomat Experience offers an opportunity for delegates to learn the components of negotiation between 2 or more parties from our Diplomatic Experts and highly experienced guest speaker.

The Added value of the experience lies in the immediate application of the theoretical knowledge about negotiation gained by the participants: we believe that learning by doing is the best way to achieve mastery!


We value leadership as essentially the process of social influence which maximizes the efforts of others towards the achievement of a common goal

Because leadership is an essential piece to the puzzle of positive change, the Best Diplomats experience provides training in :


Generating positive influence on one's social environment and entourage

Decision Making

Assessing a challenging situation and making a decision that optimizes collective gains while minimizing damage

Crisis Management

Assessessing and neutralizing a potential threat within a limited time

Building Inspiration

Inspiring and guiding others to unlock their potential and becoming their best selves



Drive progress by promoting mutual prosperity