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Best Diplomats 2023 Concludes with Celebrations and Awards Ceremony

On the final day of the Best Diplomats Turkey event, anticipation filled the air as participants eagerly awaited the announcement of the most prestigious award of the conference – the Best Diplomats Award

Talented delegates, representing various nations, secured accolades based on their unique contributions and perspectives, which revolved around the advocacy of women’s rights. They expressed their unwavering support for this vital cause and shared their insights on how to advance gender equality on a global scale. 

The conference recognized and celebrated exceptional talents in the realm of diplomacy. These awards were honored to the individuals who showcased remarkable negotiation skills with outstanding leadership qualities, shining a spotlight on those who exhibited exceptional leadership skills within the field of diplomacy. Furthermore, the Diplomat category paid tribute to those who displayed exceptional diplomatic prowess, encompassing a diverse spectrum of diplomatic abilities.

Below are the categories and the names of the winners.

Best Diplomat

  • Hajira Mohd Khalid Karim, representative of Afghanistan

Best Negotiators

  • Giorgos Tryfonos, representative of Croatia
  • Aliza Arshad, representative of the United Kingdom
  • Binod Sapkota, representative of  Bhutan
  • Yeside Olasimbo, representative of Nigeria
  • Amna Hashmi, representative of the United Arab Emirates
  • Diana Inés Rodríguez González, representative of Guyana
  • Prerna Singh, representative of Hong Kong
  • Ikram Arif, representative of Ireland
  • Ali Murad, representative of Clean Air Fund
  • Sabahat Rahimbaig, representative of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Best Leaders

  • Umar Cheema, representative of El Salvador
  • Zartasha Mushtaq, representative of Sri Lanka
  • Fizza Sarmad, representative of Pakistan
  • Shafiq Ur Rehman, representative of Mongolia
  • Salimatou Jallow, representative of Greece
  • Vafa Abdullayeva-Nabiyeva, representative of Azerbaijan


  • Samrat Srivastava, representative of Russia
  • Maryam Gurabanidze, representative of Georgia
  • Aishatu Laminde Mamudu, representative of Malaysia
  • Inderpreet Kaur Sidhu, representative of Serbia

Best Diplomatic Stance Award

  • Diana Inés Rodríguez González 

The awards ceremony was a fitting conclusion to a conference that brought together talented and dedicated individuals from across the world. 

Oleksandra Mamchii

Working as a academic lead at Best Diplomats.

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