Top 8 Waterfalls in Maryland You Must Visit in 2024

Maryland is known for its beautiful scenery and historical sites, but it also has some amazing waterfalls. Maryland’s waterfalls provide the ideal fusion of peacefulness and unspoiled beauty, whether you’re a passionate hiker, a nature lover, or just looking for a cool getaway. These waterfalls are one of the must-visit destinations in the USA.

List of the 8 Best Waterfalls in Maryland You Must Visit

  1. Cascade Falls
  2. Cunningham Falls
  3. Falling Branch Falls
  4. Great Falls of the Potomac
  5. Gunpowder Falls
  6. Muddy Creek Falls
  7. Swallow Falls
  8. Tolliver Falls

1. Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is a peaceful haven submerged in Patapsco Valley State Park, close to Ellicott City, Maryland. A delightful diversion from the rush of city life is provided by this wonderful waterfall. A beautiful image and calming sound of rushing water are produced when it cascades gently over rocks.

Visitors are rewarded with Cascade Falls’ serene atmosphere and stunning natural beauty, which may be reached by lovely hiking routes. You can feel the tranquil mood of the surrounding forest as you go to the falls via verdant surroundings, towering trees, and bubbling brooks.

A serene pool at the foot of the waterfall welcomes tired tourists to rest and regenerate in the embrace of nature. Cascade Falls provides a soothing experience and an opportunity to reconnect with the majesty of nature, regardless of your level of hiking expertise. Cascade Falls demonstrates its enduring allure in every season, from the vivid colors of spring to the wintry grandeur of winter. Every visit to this undiscovered treasure in Patapsco Valley State Park ensures an unforgettable experience.

2. Cunningham Falls

Cunningham Falls, located in Thurmont, Maryland’s Cunningham Falls State Park, is one of the state’s greatest natural wonders. Standing 78 feet tall, it is the highest waterfall in Maryland and captivates onlookers with its magnificent fall. Cunningham Falls, reachable by designated hiking paths, provides a captivating experience through charming woodlands and breathtaking views. As you get closer, you can hear the sound of flowing water more loudly, increasing your excitement for the amazing sight that’s ahead.

Visitors are welcomed to the falls by an enthralling spectacle of water cascading over craggy rock formations, which creates an incredible setting against the surrounding vegetation. Adventurers are welcome to cool down with a relaxing swim in the pool at the base of the falls or just enjoy the natural splendor of their surroundings.

Cunningham Falls has a certain allure all year long, from the fiery hues of fall to the wintry grandeur of January. There is never a dull moment while visiting this natural wonder because every season has something different to offer. Cunningham Falls reminds us of the enduring appeal and innate beauty of Maryland’s natural landscapes, making it a satisfying experience for both casual nature lovers and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts.

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3. Falling Branch Falls

Falling Branch Falls is a hidden beauty that both nature lovers and thrill-seekers should find. It is located inside Rocks State Park in Harford County, Maryland. Visitors are welcome to lose themselves in the beauty of nature, as this beautiful waterfall provides a calm haven from the daily grind. Falling Branch Falls is accessible by a lovely hiking track that leads you through a beautiful forest, gradually revealing its grandeur. Towering trees, bubbling brooks, and the sporadic sight of wildlife make the journey as charming as the destination itself.

When guests arrive at the falls, they are met with an amazing sight: a 17-foot waterfall that cascades softly into a clean pool below. Relaxation and introspection are encouraged by the peaceful ambiance created by the sound of running water and the refreshing mist in the air. Falling Branch Falls, surrounded by mossy boulders and lush greenery, provides a charming setting for picnics, photography, or just relaxing in the embrace of nature. Visitors may unplug from the outside world and reacquaint themselves with the tranquil rhythm of nature at this location.

Falling Branch Falls displays its ever-changing splendor all year long, from the vivid spring blossoms to the serene, frigid winter months. This hidden gem is shown from a different angle on every visit, making it a beloved annual trip for those who enjoy the outdoors.

4. Great Falls of the Potomac

The Great Falls of the Potomac are a magnificent natural wonder that enthralls tourists with their untamed beauty and raw force. They are located along the Potomac River on the boundary between Maryland and Virginia. The Potomac River carves through the rugged landscape, producing a breathtaking display of waterfalls and rapids as it drops spectacularly down a succession of jagged cliffs.

The Great Falls, which are reachable from a number of hiking paths and viewpoints in both Maryland and Virginia, provide unmatched expansive vistas of the thundering waters and surrounding scenery. From viewpoints along the picturesque paths, visitors may be astounded by the tremendous power of the falls. Alternatively, they can choose to go closer to the action by rafting or kayaking in the turbulent whitewater below.

The Great Falls region is a well-liked travel destination for outdoor enthusiasts, history fans, and environment lovers because of its breathtaking natural beauty, rich history, and diversified ecology. There’s no lack of things to do in this breathtaking setting, from birding and picnics to hiking and rock climbing. The Great Falls of the Potomac provide a dynamic and constantly evolving display all year, with each season offering its own distinct charm and fascination.

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5. Gunpowder Falls

Gunpowder Falls is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. It is a beautiful and complex river system that meanders through magnificent landscapes and is part of Gunpowder Falls State Park in Maryland. One of the biggest rivers in Maryland, Gunpowder Falls stretches over 120 miles and is home to a number of tributaries, waterfalls, and hiking trails.

The river is separated into parts, each offering distinct leisure activities and a distinct beauty. With its crystal-clear, icy waters, Upper Gunpowder Falls is a well-liked spot for fly fishing, tubing, and kayaking. It offers many chances to take in the peace and quiet of the outdoors while having fun in the great outdoors.

Middle Gunpowder Falls has beautiful hiking routes that meander through verdant woodlands and by the riverbanks, in addition to serene river sections ideal for canoeing and birding. Nearer the Chesapeake Bay, Lower Gunpowder Falls has sandy beaches, tidal marshes, and brackish waterways brimming with animals. These features make it a great place to go fishing, crabbing, and exploring coastal ecosystems. Gunpowder Falls State Park has an abundance of outdoor activities all year round, ranging from boating and fishing in the warmer months to hiking and animal observation in the lower temperatures.

6. Muddy Creek Falls

Maryland’s Swallow Falls State Park, Muddy Creek Falls, is a mesmerizing natural marvel that entices tourists with its breathtaking beauty and serene atmosphere. Muddy Creek Falls is the highest waterfall in Maryland, plunging 53 feet to a thunderous cascade and misty spray that captivates spectators.

Reachable along well-kept hiking paths, the route to Muddy Creek Falls passes by several picturesque vistas, thick woodlands, and the banks of the Youghiogheny River. Along the way, tourists may catch a glimpse of the surrounding wildness. Visitors’ excitement for the magnificent sight that awaits is heightened as they get closer to the falls and hear the sound of rushing water.

Upon reaching the foot of Muddy Creek Falls, guests are welcomed with an enchanting exhibition of the splendor and might of the natural world. With lush vegetation and moss-covered rocks all around, the thunderous waterfall descends into a glistening pool below, offering a calm and beautiful environment that begs reflection and relaxation.

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7. Swallow Falls

One of Maryland’s most famous natural beauties, Swallow Falls, is located at Swallow Falls State Park, which is discreetly hidden away in the peaceful forests of Garrett County. Visitors are enthralled by this lovely waterfall’s magnificent beauty and peaceful atmosphere as it cascades over rocky rock formations.

The hike to Swallow Falls, which is reachable by clearly designated hiking routes, takes hikers through verdant woodlands and beside the Youghiogheny River, providing opportunities for beautiful views and animal encounters. The sound of flowing water gets louder as tourists get closer to the falls, indicating that they are about to experience the magnificence of nature.

When tourists arrive at Swallow Falls, they are met with a captivating spectacle of water falling from high cliffs into a rocky canyon below. The surrounding trees are covered in a thin mist produced by the thunderous cascade, which heightens the ethereal feel of the woodland.

Swallow Falls, encircled by old hemlock trees and rocks covered in moss, provides a tranquil haven for picnics, photography, or just taking in the beauty of the natural world. The falls have a certain appeal that changes with the seasons, from the vivid fall foliage to the frigid winter tranquility. Experience the everlasting splendor of Maryland’s wilderness with Swallow Falls, whether you’re an experienced hiker, a nature lover, or just looking for a quiet getaway.

8. Tolliver Falls

Tolliver Falls is a hidden gem in Garrett County, Maryland’s Swallow Falls State Park. It charms guests with its calming beauty and peaceful environs. Tolliver Falls is a lesser waterfall than Swallow Falls, which is nearby, yet it has its own distinct beauty and attractiveness.

Tolliver Falls, which is reachable by a quick, picturesque stroll along clearly designated paths, welcomes visitors into a tranquil haven tucked away within the park’s lush forests. The sound of the gently flowing water and the flutter of leaves create a calming ambiance as tourists approach the falls, preparing them for the amazing sight that lies ahead.

When one arrives at Tolliver Falls, they are met by a lovely waterfall that cascades into a little pool below. Visitors are enticed to linger and take in the peace of nature by the scene’s ethereal beauty, which is enhanced by the chilly mist and the sight of sunshine flowing through the trees.

Tolliver Falls, surrounded by mossy boulders and lush vegetation, provides a tranquil setting for picnics, taking pictures, or just relaxing in Swallow Falls State Park’s natural beauty. Immersed in the timeless grandeur of Maryland’s wilderness, a visit to Tolliver Falls guarantees a remarkable and revitalizing experience, whether you’re seeking adventure or serenity.


The waterfalls in Maryland provide a variety of experiences, from imposing cliff faces to hidden treasures tucked away in the warmth of the natural world. These eight waterfalls are sure to leave you with a deep respect for nature and remarkable experiences, regardless of your preference for adventure or tranquility. Make this year you go off on a Maryland waterfall trip, creating lifelong memories in these captivating locations.


Which Maryland Waterfall is the Biggest?

A public recreation area called Cunningham Falls State Park may be found in the United States, west of Thurmont, Maryland.

Are There Waterfalls in Maryland?

There are many waterfalls along the Youghiogheny River in western Maryland, including Muddy Creek Falls, which is the tallest free-falling waterfall in Maryland at 54 feet.

Which Waterfall in the United States is the Best?

By far the largest cataract in North America, at 85,000 cubic feet per second (cfs), its roughly 4,000-foot span on the US-Canada border makes it one of the continent’s most recognizable monuments.

Which City Holds the Title of “Waterfall City”?

Because of its many waterfalls, Ranchi is affectionately called the “City of Waterfalls.” The Jharkhand movement, which called for a separate state for tribal areas of several Indian states, was heavily influenced by Ranchi people.

What Makes Niagara Falls so Well-known?

The volume of water cascading over Niagara Falls is what gives it its magnificent appearance. Very little water flows over the majority of the world’s highest falls. The stunning aspect of Niagara Falls is the harmony of volume and height.

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