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13 Key Differences Between Team Lead and Manager In 2024 

In an organization, a team lead is actually appointed by a manager. Manager choose different people to lead different projects. The responsibilities of a team lead include guidance, instructions, and direction to the group of people working on a particular project. In  2023, who is playing a more effective role, a team lead or a manager in an organization, you can explore down;

What Is Team Lead?

A team lead is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the employees. They provide guidance and support to team members, resolve conflicts and make sure completion of the project within time and with available resources. A great team lead changes the world for the better. 

Types of Team Leads

There are two types of team leads. They are;

a) Product Lead:

A product lead is a person who is concerned with the technical components of a product.

b) Project Lead: 

A project lead is the one who is responsible for ensuring the completion of a project within time and the available budget. 

Who Is a Manager?

A manager is one who collaborates with the stakeholders to meet common objectives. They have a more strategic role in an organization. They are focused on the financial gains of the organization rather than the personal gains of employees. 

Types of Managers

There are two types of managers. they are;

a) Product Manager

A product manager is a person whose main concerns are the needs of the customers and making sure that the product is in line with them.

b) Project Manager

A project manager is one who is responsible for all aspects of the project such as time, scope, and resources.

Responsibilities of Team Lead Vs Manager

Sr. No.Team LeadManager
1Define objectives and monitor the progress of a team.Supervise and control team members
2Foster a friendly environmentCreate goals for the staff
3Focus on team buildingDefine project budgets and deadlines
4Allow open communicationCreate a work schedule for staff members
5Provide solutions to the questions of team members along with resourcesHire, interview and train employees
6Inspire and motivate team membersStrategically plan the goals of organization
7Provide review on the performance of and encourage them for growthMake forecast for the productivity of the department
8Celebrate teams’ successFocus on financial gains

13 Key Differences Between Team Lead and Manager

Team Leads and managers are sometimes considered as each other synonyms, but in actual they are two different roles with different responsibilities. Following are the key differences between a team lead and a manager;

1. Team Leads Have Less Authority, Managers Have Entire Authority

The team leads make decisions and assign tasks about a particular part of the project. They lead projects for a particular time period. There can be a different leader for a different project.  On the other hand, the Manager has the authority to take decisions about the entire projects of the organization. They are solely authoritative for the company. 

2. Team Lead Sets Long-term Goals,  Manager Sets Short-Term Goals

Team leads believe in change. They plan for long-term goals with a broad vision. Their visionary mindset helps them to think for the future. On the other hand, managers are only concerned about the assigned task and duties by the superiors of the organization. 

3. Team Lead Inspires, Manager Directs

Team leads are the personalities that encourage and motivate people in their surroundings with an enthusiastic mindset. They produce efficient outcomes. On the other hand, managers impose and direct duties and responsibilities on employees in order to achieve collective results.

team lead vs manager

4. Team Lead Is a Coach, Manager Is a boss

Like a football coach, a team lead coaches his team to achieve the set objectives. The team lead helps members to complete the task by contributing to the workplace. On the other hand, managers focus on administrative and managerial roles in the organization. They also transfer their workload to employees. You can find how a leader is different from a boss.

5. Team Lead Takes Blames, Manager Puts Blames on Others

Team leads take responsibility for any mistake made by the employees and find a solution to resolve the mistake. On the other hand, managers put all the blame on the employees for any loss and always want perfection from them without any contribution. 

6. Team Lead Empowers, Managers Adore Power

Team lead empowers and upgrades their employees which helps them to work more proactively. Team leaders lead and coach teams positively. On the other hand, managers believe that all power and authority are centralized in them. They used their authority to control and degrade employees.

team lead vs manager

7. Team Lead Seeks Opportunities, Managers Gives Critical Response

Team Leads look for opportunities to make a powerful statement. This motivates and inspires employees to achieve set goals and objectives. On the other hand, managers usually pinpoint negative points and give a critical response. This pushes the interest of managers out of the project. 

8. Team Leads Are Compassionate, Managers Are Capitalist

Team leads are compassionate, excited, and enthusiastic at the workplace. They are more focused on achieving the personal gains of the employees. On the other hand, managers are capitalists and are more interested in financial gains.

team lead vs manager

9. Team Lead Seeks Change, Manager Prefers Continuity

Team lead drives change while seeking results. These changes impact the long-term outcomes and promote employees’ welfare. On the other hand, a manager wants stability in the organization. They follow the same patterns to drive the growth of the company while exploiting employees. 

10. Team Lead Protects, Manager Projects

A team lead works hard to protect the welfare and satisfaction of the employees. On the other hand, managers stick to rules and regulations whether they agree with them or not. Managers project the set regulations over the employees. 

11. Manager Appoints, Team Lead Implements

Managers are required to appoint staff from well-deserving people in accordance with the needs of the company. On the other hand, Team leads are responsible for providing instructions, giving directions, and guiding a team to achieve the set objectives. 

12. Team Lead Inspires, Manager Plans

A team Lead always has followers because of his inspiring traits of personality in the organization. On the other hand, the manager is in charge of managing everything and making sure that everything functions well in the organization.

13. Team Leads Are Benevolent, Managers Seek Credits

For a team leader, the welfare of his employees is the primary goal. He showers his employees with generous words of appreciation to high their morale. On the other hand, managers usually have selfish motives and they are concerned about maintaining things. They claim all the credit for any successful work. 

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Team Lead Vs. Manager Salary Estimate

The average salary for a team leads as per the U.S. labor market is $69,148 per year. While the average salary for a manager as per U.S. labor market is$62,225 per year. The salary of both team leads and managers highly depends upon which organization you are working in, along with your level of experience and expertise.  

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Which one is more effective: a team lead or a manager? 

Both are effective. Both have different job descriptions. Where we need a team lead for the growth of individuals, there we also need a manager to deal with the high-level authorities for the success of an organization.

What are the qualities of a responsible team lead?

Team leads are philanthropists, benevolent and team builders. 

What are the qualities of a manager?

They are strict, profit-oriented, and rational thinkers.

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